The War for Thamatra

Game Notes for Fiona and U

10/12 gaming session

Fiona spent the early morning during the Rememberance Ceremonies talking to her aunt Mira, as the mysterious stranger that phased into the king’s chambers last words before he disappeared were “Sparrow,” which happens to be her aunt’s maiden name.

Fiona telepathically shares the vision of the man with Mira, but she doesn’t recognize him, claiming Sparrow to be a common name amongst elves. He does seem strangely familiar, though… could the mysterious stranger be her dead infant son alive and grown from another dimension?

Talked with Lomar the Mage concerning Fiona’s need to study with a true Sorcerer, and learned of a demented hobbit named Janelle who lives north of his moathouse. She can go visit her after they complete their psychic training.

After that discussion, Fiona spends the rest of the day looking for her father, who disappeared the day before after she told him of the darkness he harbored inside his mind. As she follows the trail to Carnie Town she’s stopped by Crystal D’Falco, who is now wearing the Discordian robes of the Clerics of Eris along with U. She invites her to stop at the Blackbird Inn for coffee, and psionically scans for Alfric Shaw. She sees him playing cards in a dark place… which happens to be in Eris’ war wagon, where the two of them had escaped from the night before.

When Fiona notices U’s recognition of the place, she makes him take her to the wagon where she gets in and plays a round of poker with Eris and Dudley. Her father had already left, as he was seeking Eris’ help with a problem that was not of her doing. She manages to win with the high two pair. When Eris asks what Fiona wants as her winnings, she explains that the only thing she wants is her family back whole, safe, unharmed and unmanipulated. When Eris asks what Fiona would do for that… Fiona hurriedly says “No thanks,” as she’s seen what happens when people are in debt to the Goddess of Chaos. She instead takes her gold winnings, which happen to turn into some damn good chocolate coins the next day.

After the card game she gathers the moorcat animal companion of her father and along with her own moorcat Feyd manages to track him to a set of outhouses in Carnie Town, where he used some sort of teleportation device with a garbled signal.

With the help of Mira’s ranger abilities, she’s able to discover that he teleported towards the East Woods and Knight’s Cross… where DeMorde awaits the slavers he sent to capture Fiona and the D’Falco daughters.

She tells the higher-ups where her father went, and is ordered by D’Falco to stay in town as it’s likely a trap. Fighting her urges to leave immediately and follow him, she stays in town and does her best to enjoy the festival feast, which manages to go off without a hitch.

That night the dancing begins and bonfires are lit. Fiona talks with Ivy about the “holes” she sees in people’s souls, and she explains it as like a worn part of the fabric that makes us who we are. She can’t explain how she sees them, though. She just does. Fiona borrows a gypsy belt from Ivy, and dresses for the dancing.

She meets Orrin there where she does her best to lead the courtly gentle knight in a joyful dance around the fire, and following her leader’s commands to “relax and enjoy herself,” she partakes of the Elfwine being passed around by the Wild Elf children. Feeling the effects of the sensual wine and seeing a strange silver fruit being passed around the dancers, she sways up to Orrin seductively and asks him about it. When he explains about the enhancing abilities of the fruit and that he has one in his pocket, she slowly reaches into his pocket and takes it out where she bites into the succulent fruit before offering it to him.

She sees the growing attraction in her ice elf knight, and leads him once more around the fire as she dances close to him… letting the effects of the wine and fruit truly take hold before she leads him off into the cool woods where they can be alone and she can truly commit herself to him.

Meanwhile… U encounters the psionically gifted Wild Elf named Amber and partakes of some of the well-aged Elfwine of the Wild Elves… waking up just in time to witness his part in an ancient Wild Elf fertility rite.

The next morning it’s found that the deceased Duke’s men and a group of werewolves attempted to attack Lakeside, but fortunately they were intercepted by Major Ursa and his werebear army that were stationed outside of town for just that circumstance. The ability of surprise is gone now, however… and the attacks from the West have just begun.

It is also found that the scouts that were sent to Knight’s Cross to investigate the possible sighting of DeMorde never returned… as the guilt weighs heavy on Fiona’s heart. They wouldn’t have gone out there if she hadn’t insisted to John… she should’ve gone out there herself like she wanted to in the first place.

While eating breakfast with Orrin at the Blackbird Inn, she picks up on a telepathic call from her father who is torn and confused… and only partly on the road to Knight’s Cross. Tense at the thought that it could be a trap or it could really be her only chance to save her father, she quickly gathers Orrin, her Aunt Valerissa, Moreth the Healer and Errin Taal, her guardian, to go with her. If it is a trap, she’s going to need help… but if it isn’t, he’s going to need it instead. She makes sure to tell Digger before she goes, though… because even though she knows she won’t get permission from them, at least she respects them enough to tell them she’s going anyway.

They ride out and find her father alone… though she lied to her father when he asked if she was. How can she know to trust him anymore really? They talk, and manage to convince him to come back to Lakeside where he is put up in the Enclave so that he can be freed from the mental domination of Vaughn.

The now ressurected Sylvia is able to talk of what she encountered with the Doppelganger before it killed her and took her image. Apparently he was the 1/2 elf rogue Ratzig, who Fiona had chased into the warehouse that hid the ancient Chaos Temple beneath it. Was Ratzig the Doppelganger before or after the chase, though?

U the Cleric, meanwhile, decides to hit on Rose Starwarden, as he’s still trying to convert all the D’Falco children to the side of Eris…

By the end of the day they pack up and travel to Lomar’s boathouse to begin their psionic training. Fiona travels with Orrin, Moreth, Rose and Errin travel together, Thalia, Darren and Ivy, and U and Crystal.

When Fiona acknowledges that she is a student of Lomar’s he smiles and tells her to get his bags, then. With a smirk Fiona casts the spell _Mage Hand _and brings his bags to him off the wagon… and Lomar smiles; not many of his pupils had picked up on that so soon.



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