The War for Thamatra

The Timeline So Far...


The Timeline So Far…

1. Fiona, Bahb and Tobin return from scouting mission to find Amberglenn empty.

2. We each go in a different direction looking for help.

3. Found Moreth the Healer on her walkabout, and U the Cleric of Eris getting women to show their boobs and other adventurers, convinced them to come help her investigate village.

4. Found black monolith in middle of town with Goblin tracks and traces around the edge of town.

5. Followed tracks into a valley where there was another black monolith.

6. Encountered B’Hall “Gobi” the Goblin Healer, conscious objector and traitor to his people, from Mist Haven.

7. Found Bahb’s trail from Amberglenn to 1st Dungeon.
  • Killed bad guy and stuffed him down the toilet to try and hide the body.
  • Found human Wyrm worshipper who was experimenting on Bahb (damaged his mind) with a nasty dark liquid and strange device.
  • Subdued and ‘interrogated’ the prisoner.

i. Evil elf-hating knife

ii. Strange metal balls

iii. Locked box

iv. Wyrm Badge
  • Moreth destroyed alien teleportation device, turned dungeon into fused glass.

8. Went back to Elfstead to report Goblin activity, notice sent to Kingswood officials. Was told to investigate and inform villages to the west.

9. Gobi goes back to Mist Haven.

10. Encountered Thalia while heading west, she asks me for protection from thugs chasing after her. We accept.

11. U is visited by Eris, she gives him a Wand of Wonder and a quest to convert Holly & Heather D’Falco to her cause.

12. 2nd Dungeon (how did we get to this one?)
  • Dark Brethren alchemist lab, book and ingredients taken for examination by Moreth’s fellow clerics.
  • Goblin raiding logs and items from Amberglenn found.
  • Hobgoblins with teleporting rings stashing supplies in cave.
  • Decided to head to Brendanmoor to report to our chapterhouses and find John D’Falco, as he has some influence in this area.

13. Came to waystation at the entrance to the High Pass, deserted with Zombies in the basement. We go on through pass to Barrow Hill.

14. Barrow Hill

  • On way to Barrow Hill we find a stone slab with strange markings on it possibly used for teleportation purposes. U turns it into a statue dedicated to Eris.
  • Cyrus the Elven Mage (innkeeper) and Digger the Dwarf (caretaker) are the only people left after suspicious men came through town and a plague affecting humans and half-elves started soon after.
  • Tree in graveyard found to be tainted by Dark Brethren token. Many others found in graveyard by us and Digger in the past.
  • Cyrus gives us backstory on the Goblin War in this area, and the legends of the wielder of the Dark Bow. Fiona decides to try and find it.
  • We investigate the Barrows for more undead.

i. U finds the Doom Mace.

ii. We fight a Mimic monster, U turns him into a stone statue and Thalia takes the strange golden ball that was in its keeping.

iii. Secret path from barrow to Inn discovered.

iv. Moreth pours holy water on empty coffin in barrow. *We return for more equipment to have Thalia detect an imposing presence watching us and find Holly & Heather D’Falco along with miscellaneous other characters (Elven fighter/mage, ½ Drow)
  • Is this where Bregir and Holly show up injured?
  • Twins find the Elfwine stash and we all partake, Thalia dancing on tables, U getting a religious experience thanks to the Twins, and Fiona taking some comfort with them.
  • We investigate houses in town, find a journal in a strange language and a hypnotizing effect in a bag.
  • Find Mielikki Temple where Fiona pockets a small bowl and sickle.
  • Two men in grey robes show up in town, miscellaneous other adventurers leave (f/m went to look for more populated towns, Fiona told the ½ Drow just how much she hated his people).

i. Thalia flirts with them, picks their pockets (finds lots of money, BB coin?) and puts it back.

ii. We investigate their room while they’re distracted, find thieves tools and assassination kits.

iii. Thalia lures them to a room to play strip poker. One thug gets demanding after she wins. U hears this in the hallway and casts Cause Panic in the room. The thug who had since removed his clothes in an attempt to rape Thalia panics and runs out of the room to encounter the business end of Fiona’s unsheathed sword as she prepared to enter the room. iv. Other one gets tied up. (what happened to him?)
  • More tracks of guys in town are found; some at the inn. Fiona buys one a beer and questions him, discovers they’re looking for Thalia.
  • She checks out their horses, finds they’re from Valencourt and one of them is a much better horse than the others (more intelligent).
  • Thalia gets ‘personal’ with Darren (which group did he come with?)
  • Fiona questions him in hallway afterwards, discovers he’s a Blackbird working for D’Falco and he’s been sent as a double agent to stop an assassination attempt of Elven diplomats in the High Pass.
  • Beer found to be bad, humans (some of the Valencourt thugs) are getting really sick
  • Fiona decides to try and learn magic, talks to Cyrus.
  • We decide to leave as a group with Darren to investigate the High Pass.
  • Captain Myrdon with Kingswood Rangers detain us at entrance to the pass, refuse to let us go through. We agree to ‘leave’ but circle back to check things out.
  • Darren and Thalia investigate the Pass, exchange arrows with bad guys on the hill. Dark robed mage uses magic to cause an avalanche filling the valley. Bright light observed in valley around diplomats before they’re covered in snow. Few survivors make it out and head to the waystation.
  • Fiona finds dead bodies in the woods, spies Myrdon talking to robed figure named Lazarus who hisses a lot and seems to know her and her family.

i. Another survivor is seen going into waystation, but not seen after that.

ii. Lord Auric, grey elf purist asshole and Wyrm War coward, revealed to be 1st in line to take over Kingswood with “death” of its leader.
  • We subdue Myrdon’s men and capture him for interrogation back in Barrow hill. i. One of Myrdon’s men revealed to be Federation spy who is pissed off at being used. We bring him and other rangers into room when we question Myrdon so they can hear for themselves. ii. Cyrus casts spell to read his mind, discovers Myrdon was sent to take control of Barrow Hill as a jumping point for invasion by Dark Brethren/Lazarus. iii. Myrdon’s got a severe Elfbane addiction. iv. Thalia attempts to pass herself off as a captured thief and get him to answer questions. He tries to get her to untie him. Neither ploy works.
  • Carnies show up in town with Ian McBride and The Walking Crows (Dobson brothers, Ivy Nighthawk the Wild Elf).
  • Fiona talks with Digger the Dwarf over ale and coffee. i. D’Falco and Darren’s trustworthiness

ii. The fate of Amberglenn – Goblin’s Hole, Kaladan Dam siege, floodgate problem and large shipments in the South.

iii. Where did D’Falco and Digger come from? Portals to other dimensions discussed for 1st time.

iv. The Dark Bow given a name and backstory: Valerissa Lossheim, who turns out to be my ancestor. Dad never mentioned the name Lossheim before…

  • Humans from Valencourt start to die in horrible ways, Moreth researches disease. Half-Elves still refuse to leave as the illness is slower with them.
  • 3 dark figures appear on a hill (Vaughn, DeMorde and Valerissa) to give us an ultimatum as they attack the town with werewolves and undead: Leave in 3 days or die. i. Thalia manages to tag one of them with a silver arrow. ii. Cyrus and Digger think they’re trying to get a hold of the Portal that they’ve been guarding by staying here.
  • William DeMorde met for 1st time as we meet under “truce.” I bring Digger as my champion, and he brings Valerissa. Digger seems to know DeMorde already, so Fiona takes time to talk to Valerissa and beg her to return to her family.
  • Valerissa leaves DeMorde and rides to Inn, Fiona follows and yells at Thalia to shoot him as he tries to stop her.
  • Fiona sleeps in Mieklikki temple and dream reveals the location of the Dark Bow in the arms of a statue of the goddess. Fiona obtains the Dark Bow.
21. We agree to search Barrows one last time before we agree to keep heading to Lakeside by caravanning with the carnies.
  • Thalia steals wagon from town, kills thug who tries to take her down.
  • Some of the carnies stay, Cyrus stays, Bahb and Tobin stay. Digger and Federation agent with captured Myrdon comes with us. We head to Knight’s Cross hopefully before nightfall.
  • Cyrus gives Fiona his spellbook and a letter of recommendation for her to give to Lomar, an experienced mage supposed to show up for the Faire in Lakeside.
22. Knight’s Cross
  • Legends of the Knights of the Blade and their fall with a rival vampire to Vaughn.
  • Valerissa tells us her story on why she was a thrall of Vaughn.
  • Fiona’s true family name (Lossheim) learned from Valerissa – she’s my aunt (dad’s sister). So why did Dad change it?
  • Town abandoned. Moreth searches Healer’s Hut and discovers journal telling of a stranger who came and planted paranoia in town about what was happening at Barrow Hill. When the survivors came and people started getting sick, they killed the survivors and stacked the bodies in the Mielikki Temple.
  • Fiona and Darren give them last rights and burn the bodies. He reveals that his parents died at Barrow Hill by Goblin raiders.
  • Thalia finds hidden letter from Fiona’s father that tells her where he’s going (Oldstone Keep), and that he’ll meet her during the Harvest Faire in Lakeside. (“Redhawk”)
23. We find overturned wagon with dead badguy, tainted beer and broken vials of dark liquid.
  • Moorcat tracks found everywhere. Fiona and company follow tracks to series of caves. We find lone adult moorcat who tells us how the rest got sick and died, except for a litter of cubs. We agree to take the cubs in and care for them while he goes north to find Redhawk (Alfric).
24. Miller’s Cove
  • No knowledge of plague. No deliveries from dwarves or surrounding towns either.
  • U spreads rumor of “Bad Beer” and recommends Blackbird Beer instead to keep people from drinking it and getting sick.
  • We agree that Harvest Faire in Lakeside is a likely target for the tainted beer and head there to try and stop it.
  • U develops idea of Elfwine potions to sell in a Magical Medicine Show at the Faire as a way to make a profit, spread the word, and get the Twins involved. He also gets the help of the Dobsons and Ivy Nighthawk becomes his business partner.
  • Unbeknownst to us, she sneaks of to Westwood to steal special mushrooms from the Wild Elves as his secret ingredient.
26. We spend night camping with the carnies.
  • Fiona has ‘words’ with the Dark Bow to settle who’s in charge once and for all.
  • Fiona meets Thomas the Bard who turns out to be gay. He knows about loneliness (humans have short lives), however, so he and Fiona are able to share their pain as she sleeps off the alcohol in his wagon. She tells him of the songs of her people as well as the origin of Amberglenn to help him out and ease her pain.
  • Fiona and Bregir watch Ivy and Darren put on a sword exhibition, so they show off their skills as well.
  • Fiona visits Mira D’Falco of the Blackbird Inn, dumps the news on her lap.
  • Carnie Town is set up.
  • We prepare the cubs for city life so they don’t get into trouble. Fiona takes one as an Animal Companion (Feyd), Thalia takes one as a friend (Kita), Bregir takes one that likes Valerissa a lot.
  • Fiona volunteers to work with Captain Kirin and the ranger patrols so they can use DB clothing to give moorcats and hunting dogs the scent.
  • Federation guy and Myrdon go their way as a trial is prepared.
  • We commune with group of Moorcats so they can contact their father, and through him we manage to pass message to Alfric that his son and daughter are alive. We see him watching Goblins raid Oldstone Keep.
  • Fiona goes to Mielikki Temple, gives them locked box and reliquary.
  • They investigate it, ask about Doom Mace. When Fiona tells them U has it, they are worried and mention a prophecy.
  • She prays at the temple and is given a vision by the Goddess of her mother in chains being held captive underground.
  • Swears blood oath that she will find her and won’t stop till she removes the Dark Brethren from this plane of existence.
  • Tells Bregir about her vision of Mom, but not of the Oath.
  • Ice Elves observed in town for 1st time.
  • Valerissa is taken to the Enclave of Marian for healing and is guarded by Lady Leesa, half-orc female Knight of the Lady.
  • Suspicious wagon comes into town, Fiona runs after it to stop them after telling Mira. She confronts the driver while Thalia sneaks aboard it to find empty coffins inside.
  • We discover they were headed to a warehouse in Dockside.
  • Fiona meets Orrin Taal the Ice Elf Knight of the Lady, asks him to help them ‘sneak around’ and investigate the warehouse.
  • Coffins w/ dirt found. Moreth treats with holy water.
  • Ledgers reveal a Mr.White (Chalky) owns the warehouse. Thalia and Ivy know him * * Fiona meets the Ice Elves and takes Orrin Taal out for a picnic the next morning as she also keeps on eye out for Lomar the magician, who she’s supposed to train with in Lakeside.
  • He arrives with his assistant, Chrysthalis and sets up in town.
  • Fiona has a dinner date with Orrin, as she appreciates his help and finds him fascinating.
  • He brings flowers, and reveals his backstory (Vision?) and family background.
  • They discuss diplomacy and racial strife in the area.
  • She shows him her scar from her blood oath.
  • Orrin heals it for her as well as touches her heart (warmth/ache).
  • He’s sub sequentially distracted from his duties after that.
  • Thomas the Bard is happy as he has a friend arriving in town. He’s still working on the Amberglenn song.
  • Two strange ships arrive at the docks.
  • Dobsons and others investigate, crew on board killed. Orrin shows up to help Fiona again as they watch the boats.
  • One boat piloted by Brain in a Jar and a strange “Soul Battery” is found with sparkly vials. They are given to the Enclave for testing.
  • The boat is trapped and rigged to explode along with other boat with loads of flammable cargo in it.
  • Boats are impounded.
  • Ivy buys one of them and then disappears.
  • Vampire in a Jar is found on boat. U casts Dispel Magic and frees it. We take jar back to Enclave so it can’t get back in it, and all wait around to see if it cracks when dawn comes.
  • Fiona talks with Errin Taal about Errin’s tragic background as she feels they may have something in common, and decides to try and help her find her missing people.
  • She also asks her permission to court Orrin.
  • Orrin seems to have disappeared, however.
  • Lomar reveals that he hasn’t seen boats like that since he last was in the Southlands of Wyrmwood.
  • Suspicious man recognized by Thalia in crowd, they capture him (or did he get away?) while Fiona follows (but loses) him into another warehouse that she puts an Arcane Mark on so they can investigate later. She also finds a beggar outside the warehouse who seems to be more than he appears. She tells Thalia, who figures out that’s John D’Falco in disguise.
  • They ask Lomar to scry on Ivy, and she is seen at the Flogged Dog near the Docks, being followed by a suspicious man.
  • Thalia investigates the Docks and finds sick kids and stories of missing people. She takes them to Moreth, who sets up a clinic in Dockside.
  • D’Falco Family Fun @ Enclave, Ivy drops the “Daddy” bomb. Fiona laughs and thanks the Gods she’s not related to any of them.
  • U continues to make plans for his show, buys supplies and brews potions. He distributes a few on the street to get the word out.
  • Fiona and Thalia go to the Flogged Dog with their moorcats and finds suspicious men who smell like rats. She follows them into the alley and sees them talk to someone who she decides to follow back to the warehouse.
  • Thalia finds John D’Falco (and they have sex on the roof)
  • Gnome delegation arrives in strange metal submarine at Dockside.
  • Strange outhouse found parked next to regular ones.
  • Thalia reveals that Darren is missing too, and Fiona suggests they go to Lomar and ask him to scry on him.
  • They do so, and he is revealed to be chasing someone through the Locks.
  • We investigate the Locks, kill some thugs there, and find that they were secretly bought by Chalky and sabotaged.

39. Lomar also scrys on Orrin and is blocked by someone… but not before detecting a dark spot under the Lighthouse.

40. Thalia encounters group of Wild Elves who are looking for Ivy, convinces them to come with us to investigate the Lighthouse.

41. Dad arrives finally, with a very sick king and his entourage.
  • Northlands lost
  • Twins and Bregir on secret scouting mission in Northlands!
  • Discuss “Disturbance Event” and how D’Falco got here.
  • DeMorde’s relationship with Digger, Mira, John and himself?
  • Our family psychic abilties? I look/act like Grandma?
  • Dad still has feelings for Mira, and visa versa. He abandoned his duties because of his love for Mira, and had to change his name.
  • Fiona gets angry at D’Falco for abusing his relationship with Mira and flaunting other women in front of her but is prevented from confronting him.
  • She breaks down in Mira’s arms and they go off to talk about D’Falco’s Women and DeMorde’s history with her.
42. Dad reunites with Valerissa, knowledge that she had a child while with DeMorde is revealed. Vivian DeMorde, a powerful arcane/divine/psionic manipulator that is being trained to open/use Portals?
  • Can we reach her psionically and let her know she’s got family other than DeMorde?

43. D’Falco reveals Blackbird HQ, the garden monolith that inscribes dead Blackbirds, and the fact that the royals (Valan, Queen of Celebor, Miranda from Freeport/Marian) from the Pass are alive and well. Valan’s gay, but they used elfwine so that the Queen of Celebor could get pregnant with child.

44. Fiona talks with Valan about the fate of her father after his betrayal of his duty for the love of Mira. She swears fealty to him for a way to make things up, and because Valan has plans on restoring Valerissa to her former Hellsinger glory.
  • Possibility of psionic testing?
  • Valan assigns her under D’Falco’s command, gives her leave to investigate the Lighthouse for her friends, as we think Orrin, Darren and Ivy are all there being held by Chalky.

45. We look for blueprints of the Lighthouse, find that the ones for the Locks, the Enclave, and the Keep are missing too.

46. Lighthouse
  • Traps, strange psionic lights (caused dark spot?), teleporting rooms
  • Fought Chalky, but he got away
  • Found Darren who was in bad condition, Ivy hooked on Elfbane, and Orrin beaten but not as bad as the other two.
  • Tunnel leading outside of town found from Lighthouse (?)
  • Thalia finds Chalky’s Journal
  • Items from Amberglenn found there too! (or was that the Locks?)
  • Wild Elves find ordinance on top of the roof and shoot it into the sky. Fortunately no damage was done and everyone thought it was a show for the Faire.
  • Everyone taken to Enclave for healing and detox.
47. Discussion with John D’Falco
  • Portals, Lazarus, Outhouse Pilots, DeMorde and saving Vivian from him.
  • Return mission to Barrow Hill?
  • What about the Dwarven siege at Kaladan Dam?

48. Myrdon trial soon, we’ll be required to testify so don’t leave town.

49. Breakfast with the Taals.

  • Errin reveals Fiona’s intentions of courting Orrin to him.
  • Orrin accepts, Erryn gives her permission, reveals that Queen Isa is coming to town if we want to ask her permission too.
  • Fiona asks Orrin to go on a hike with her to ‘look for bears’ in the area to make Orrin feel more at home.
50. Looking for Bears with Orrin Taal
  • Fiona decides to share “Mind Speak” with Orrin so that they can get to know each other better and kisses him for the 1st time…
  • They find bear tracks and Orrin wrestles a bear for fun that turns out to be a Were-Bear.
  • We are taken to their camp where we meet Major Ursa who was asked to bring her forces here for help by D’Falco. We take a message from her to D’Falco when we return to town.
51. Captain Celeste arrives with her boat.
  • Crystal D’Falco and Dudley Smallrog (illusionist)
  • Rose D’Falco (healer and daughter of Miranda) and Tamara (Ivy’s Mom)
  • Celeste was captain involved in helping Errin Taal from slavers as a child.
  • Fiona leaves a message for her so they can talk about the event and any leads she might have.

52. Gnomes asked to fix the Locks and the Lighthouse after we reclaim them.

53. We investigate warehouse with the Arcane Mark on it from before. We kill a few thugs and go deeper down to find an old temple dedicated to Chaos, as well as Shadows and three casks filled with strange liquids.

  • U found his way down there first and stole book dedicated to Chaos from the temple.
  • Casks analyzed to contain potions tainted with different Were-Animals: Wolfs, Rats and Pigs.
  • Fiona finds strange Egg.
  • 3rd level still uninvestigated.

54. We organize clearing out what’s left of the were-rats in town. Celestial Ferrets?

55. Wild Elves find more strange boats across the harbor.

56. Fiona asks Dudley what the Egg is – Philosopher’s Egg that can bring thoughts to life?

  • Talks to Crystal about her mother Queen Isa and her life there, being a daughter of D’Falco, and the Ice Elf culture. Apparently she has no desire to be queen, and would love if she could figure out how Errin Taal could take over instead as she feels she’s better suited.

57. U discovers that Eris herself is coming to the Faire.

58. Valerissa is restored, and family gathers with Valan to try and contact Vivian. We manage brief contact before interfered with by DeMorde.

59. Fiona walks in on discussion at enclave and finds out that John D’Falco has another son.
  • Later pieced together to be DeMorde, from a relationship with queen from another world through the portal.
  • DeMorde backstory and how he turned from a hero to a Blackguard who is fulfilling his plan for vengeance through Vivian and the other D’Falco children.
60. Fiona talks with D’Falco about the Taals.
  • He knew their grandfathter?
  • Gifted chaos magnets?
  • ‘Special’ warriors?
  • Pureblood elves of old?
61. DeMorde Discussion with D’Falco
  • He was a Knight of the Blade
  • How he betrayed the Knights for the rival vampire and was courted by Vaughn to change sides.
62. Asked Tamara about what she knew of Ice Elves being wanted specifically by the Ogre Empire and Wyrmwood.
  • Theory that Ice Elves could be corrupted into Wyrm Riders. 63. Rumors abound of a Unicorn being seen in the woods around Lakeside.

64. Digger asks U about the Elfwine Potion, drinks a bunch with him and has sex with the Twins that puts him in a coma. He’s taken to the Enclave.

  • Ivy tells their Dad, Twins sent on secret mission and Bregir went with them.
65. Harvest Faire Begins
  • Need to protect Free Beer from getting tainted
  • Valerissa reveals that badguys plans are being interfered with too much, there will be a big surprise at the end of the week – Prince’s Ball?
  • Fiona and Thalia compete in martial arts competitions
  • Attempt on king’s life made during opening speech of Faire, Prime Minister suspected as he’s the only other survivor of Oldstone Keep.
  • King knew that already? Trying to lure him out?
  • Thalia distracts him with dancing, he likes Wild Elves a lot. Captures another suspicious thief in crowd and takes to Blackbirds for questioning.
  • Fiona follows people with crossbows in the trees, takes one down that ends up being a kid. She takes him to the Enclave to be treated and reprimanded for being stupid.
  • The other one followed by her Familiar to Dockside. 66. Digger eventually wakes up and starts writing formulas on the wall.

67. Fiona introduces Dudley Smallrog to Digger and corrects one of his formulas. Wants to know where the golden ball Thalia has is. Turns out it summoned the Outhouse Pilots when she activated it by accident.

68. U has holy symbol stolen by Halflings, follows them and discovers they are fellow Eris worshippers preparing for her arrival.

69. Wild Elves go home to collect others who will descend upon the Faire in a moon-induced sexual rampage (rutting season) fueled by Elfwine thanks to U.

70. Queen Isa arrives along with a group of Polar Bears.

71. We detect through their moorcats that the Twins and Bregir are in trouble in the north. We form a rescue party to find them with D’Falco.
  • Lots of werewolves, a note found that said “Sucker!” on John’s horse.

72. We investigate ruins outside of town (used to be dedicated to Mielikki) that could be taken over by DB. We find a poisoned tree, various zombies, a mysterious portal that was locked away with spells, and a Instruction Manual for it.

73. Dobsons found weird box on impounded ships, ask our help in opening it since it seems to be magical.

  • Fire Wraiths inside that start attacking fuel tanks.
  • Thalia cuts ropes to dock while Fiona pushes one overboard and tries to stop them attacking the tanks because it might blow.
  • U turns it purple and makes grass grow on it before miniaturizing himself and escaping on a Moorcat.
  • Ship does blow up, we each are saved by our Goddesses and given visions.
  • Thalia with Marian and Ivy in the darkness
  • Mielikki tells Fiona where her mother is: 50 miles below the Amberglenn Tree.

74. Thalia discovers she’s a long lost Wild Elf princess and tells Fiona. She and Tamara look awfully similar…

75. Discord comes to town with U at her side.
  • Fiona tells her where she can stick it when she looks at Orrin.
  • Discord spread around town during Faire
  • Fiona and Orrin get permission to court from Queen Isa.
  • Queen Isa tells Discord what she thinks of her
  • Fiona stops Discord from getting near the royals during Thalia’s sword show with Ivy.

76. Prime Minister still free as King is trying to get all the info he can from him.

77. Valan and Selana are mingling in town in disguises.

78. Fiona tells John about the boat and her vision… he shows her the Psionics Lab where they are inventing new suits for Thalia, psionic weapons, and a teleporter to get to her mother.

79. More Competitions:
  • Fiona wins Archery
  • Fiona wins Animal Handling and Hunting
  • Fiona and Thalia tie in the Light Weapons Melee
80. Winstop Thugs
  • Fiona follows strange tracks into woods after Hunting competition, finds thugs from Winstop looking for her. She pins down the illusionist and Feyd kills the others.
  • They question him and find out slavers from Winstop hired them to find her, Crystal and Rose, and then to bring them to blonde evil looking guy (DeMorde?) @ Knight’s Cross before the next full moon.
  • Fiona tells John and discusses potential to set a trap for DeMorde.

81. We all go dress shopping.

82. Discord stirs up more trouble with U.

a. He kills some potential suitors in a bar, causes panic in various places.

83. Myrdon Trial
  • We all testify to what we know, decide that Myrdon should be interrogated to the fullest extend before his sentence is carried out.



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