Ivy D'Falco

I'll make Chalky pay even if I have to take him with me...


Ivy D’Falco (AKA Ivy Nighthawk):

Ivy is a fighter/thief-acrobat/assassin. She was born and grew up in Zididan, a city-state along the edges of the Great Tek Desert. She is 4’ 6” tall, of small build, with bright red hair and bright blue-grey eyes. Self-proclaimed graduate of Hard Knocks University, Ivy had a very rough childhood in the Zididan dock slums until her father became aware of her existence and the plight of both mother and daughter.

It is said that Ivy’s wild elf blood makes her fey and dangerous, and especially good at what she does – Ivy is a gifted acrobat, a talented swordswoman, a clever cat-burglar, and an effective, almost casual, killer. These “special skills” are sometimes the source of much concern within her parents, who fear she may have been Touched by Shadow from her experiences in Zididan. The relationships between her, her parents, and her half-siblings are distant and reserved. Only her youngest half-sister, Crystal, seems to be able to connect with her.

Ivy’s mother was Tamara of Westwood, a wild elf herbalist/alchemist who is also a bonded slave to the Ogre Empire. Ivy’s mother was Tamara of Westwood, a wild elf herbalist/alchemist who is also a bonded slave to the Ogre Empire. Tamara was a “Performance Enhancement Trainer” or “PET” – a slave used to train/encourage/reward the gladiators in the Arena Leagues for superior performances, and to administer healings or disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the Games Commission. Tamara was the best gladiator trainer in the history of the Leagues. Ever.

Tamara is 4’ tall, of slim build, with reddish-blonde hair and deep green eyes. She acts exceptionally calm and reserved for a wild elf, a result of her Imperial Conditioning. She has an Imperial Bonding glyph tattoo on her forehead that she keeps covered to hide her identity; Tamara still has a substantial bounty issued against her by the Empire. She currently operates a small herbal and alchemical shop with her dwarf partner, Dobbs the Hairless.

Shortly after the twins were born, John D’Falco ran afoul of the Ogre Empire’s legal system, and was sentenced to the Arena Leagues as a gladiator-slave. Tamara was assigned to D’Falco during his incarceration as gladiator, and later escaped with him during the flight of Prince Tiberius into the Great Tek Desert. (It was during this time that Ivy was conceived – another story.)

They parted ways in Zididan, him not knowing that Tamara was “with” Ivy. Years later, a timely note led to a reunion of sorts. Not necessarily a happy reunion (there was a lot of bloodshed involved), but one for the better.

Although he relocated both Tamara and Ivy to King’s Bay and provided for their needs, nothing could change the damages of Ivy’s brutal past. This past influenced Ivy’s choices of professions, which she pursues relentlessly, traveling from city to city, learning and practicing in each new venue. She has admitted to having plans of one day returning to Zididan, specifically to settle some old scores.

Ivy is currently traveling with an entertainment troupe known as The Walking Crows (“You never see us fly!!”), where she performs as an acrobat and sword-dancer (when she isn’t otherwise occupied). Ivy favors dark colors and neutral grays in her wardrobe, due the nature of her professions and work environments, but prefers bright greens when she’s not performing.

Ivy D'Falco

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