Heather D'Falco

Does it matter who's who? We're both going to show you a good time...


Both sisters are 5’ 6” tall, of medium build, with jet-black hair and bright blue-grey eyes. “Medium build” means normal-sized busts and hips/buttocks with decent shoulders and nice waists.

Eyebrows are arched and ears are pointed, but not like full elves. I envision their hair to either be shoulder length, or very long and tied back. A little jewelry, like a small earring or necklace, but not any bling.

They have 16 in both charisma and comeliness (stats: S/16, I/15, W/15, D/17 Co/17, Ca/16, Cu/16), so they’re hot.

They both favor bow and swords for primary weapons, with a penchant for daggers and knives.

They’re rangers, so they would have as a minimum tunics and breeches with soft boots and field cloaks. Armor would most likely be leather, possibly with specific hardened points. Needs to be camo-ish.

If not in the field (like when working the tavern) they would prefer pretty peasant clothing such as skirt and blouse, or possibly tunic and hose if they felt daring. They make a point to look the same in every respect; they like to keep others guessing which one is which. Plays hell with lovers minds.

They’re also as kinky as a garden hose. “Join us, and we’ll torture you” could be their motto.


Heather D'Falco

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