Looks like you could use a little discipline...


Tamara is 4’ tall, of slim build, with reddish-blonde hair and deep green eyes. She is full wild elf, so her ears are long and the eyebrows are sharp. The eyes of wild elves are slightly larger and the face smoother than the other elves – almost almond shaped. Her body would be slim and firm with slight hips and bust. She keeps her hair about mid-back length, but usually ties it back. She wears a simple diadem across her brow (to hide the Imperial Bonding tattoo) and a velvet collar (to hide something else); otherwise her clothing is usually simple dresses, and a full lab apron if she’s working on a project.

Her stats: S/16, I/16, W/14, D18/ Co/17, Ca/18, Co/18. Tamara is a fine specimen of wild elf physique. Her days as trainer has put a finish to the form. If one were to envision her in the glory of the Arena, she would be definitely one of the chain-mail bikini types, although the actual armor of the Arena Leagues was always more practical than that, so think the props department from “Sparticus” with the nets and stuff. However, if one were to see her naked back, the scars from her own training are still quite evident.



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