Welcome to Thamatra!

Thamatra is a world created by my good friend Ogre, who is in actuality the DM of this game (I’m just playing secretary and organizing everything for him). Thamatra has been many years in the making, and our household has been glad to be a part of it as we uncover vast political conspiracies, far-reaching family dramas, and the machinations of a Goddess of Chaos that just doesn’t like being said “No” to.

If you check the Wiki, you will find all the encylopedic information that has been passed to me over the months concerning Thamatra all in one easy reference from races to organizations, lands to history.

There are a vast number of NPCs in Thamatra to check out that all have an important part to play in the story. There’s so many that we’re having a hard time illustrating and getting back stories entered for them all, lol.

In the Maps section you can find the map that I put together of Thamatra based on the various emails I had recieved over time from the DM concerning the different lands and towns.

The War for Thamatra