The War for Thamatra

Game Notes for Fiona and U
10/12 gaming session

Fiona spent the early morning during the Rememberance Ceremonies talking to her aunt Mira, as the mysterious stranger that phased into the king’s chambers last words before he disappeared were “Sparrow,” which happens to be her aunt’s maiden name.

Fiona telepathically shares the vision of the man with Mira, but she doesn’t recognize him, claiming Sparrow to be a common name amongst elves. He does seem strangely familiar, though… could the mysterious stranger be her dead infant son alive and grown from another dimension?

Talked with Lomar the Mage concerning Fiona’s need to study with a true Sorcerer, and learned of a demented hobbit named Janelle who lives north of his moathouse. She can go visit her after they complete their psychic training.

After that discussion, Fiona spends the rest of the day looking for her father, who disappeared the day before after she told him of the darkness he harbored inside his mind. As she follows the trail to Carnie Town she’s stopped by Crystal D’Falco, who is now wearing the Discordian robes of the Clerics of Eris along with U. She invites her to stop at the Blackbird Inn for coffee, and psionically scans for Alfric Shaw. She sees him playing cards in a dark place… which happens to be in Eris’ war wagon, where the two of them had escaped from the night before.

When Fiona notices U’s recognition of the place, she makes him take her to the wagon where she gets in and plays a round of poker with Eris and Dudley. Her father had already left, as he was seeking Eris’ help with a problem that was not of her doing. She manages to win with the high two pair. When Eris asks what Fiona wants as her winnings, she explains that the only thing she wants is her family back whole, safe, unharmed and unmanipulated. When Eris asks what Fiona would do for that… Fiona hurriedly says “No thanks,” as she’s seen what happens when people are in debt to the Goddess of Chaos. She instead takes her gold winnings, which happen to turn into some damn good chocolate coins the next day.

After the card game she gathers the moorcat animal companion of her father and along with her own moorcat Feyd manages to track him to a set of outhouses in Carnie Town, where he used some sort of teleportation device with a garbled signal.

With the help of Mira’s ranger abilities, she’s able to discover that he teleported towards the East Woods and Knight’s Cross… where DeMorde awaits the slavers he sent to capture Fiona and the D’Falco daughters.

She tells the higher-ups where her father went, and is ordered by D’Falco to stay in town as it’s likely a trap. Fighting her urges to leave immediately and follow him, she stays in town and does her best to enjoy the festival feast, which manages to go off without a hitch.

That night the dancing begins and bonfires are lit. Fiona talks with Ivy about the “holes” she sees in people’s souls, and she explains it as like a worn part of the fabric that makes us who we are. She can’t explain how she sees them, though. She just does. Fiona borrows a gypsy belt from Ivy, and dresses for the dancing.

She meets Orrin there where she does her best to lead the courtly gentle knight in a joyful dance around the fire, and following her leader’s commands to “relax and enjoy herself,” she partakes of the Elfwine being passed around by the Wild Elf children. Feeling the effects of the sensual wine and seeing a strange silver fruit being passed around the dancers, she sways up to Orrin seductively and asks him about it. When he explains about the enhancing abilities of the fruit and that he has one in his pocket, she slowly reaches into his pocket and takes it out where she bites into the succulent fruit before offering it to him.

She sees the growing attraction in her ice elf knight, and leads him once more around the fire as she dances close to him… letting the effects of the wine and fruit truly take hold before she leads him off into the cool woods where they can be alone and she can truly commit herself to him.

Meanwhile… U encounters the psionically gifted Wild Elf named Amber and partakes of some of the well-aged Elfwine of the Wild Elves… waking up just in time to witness his part in an ancient Wild Elf fertility rite.

The next morning it’s found that the deceased Duke’s men and a group of werewolves attempted to attack Lakeside, but fortunately they were intercepted by Major Ursa and his werebear army that were stationed outside of town for just that circumstance. The ability of surprise is gone now, however… and the attacks from the West have just begun.

It is also found that the scouts that were sent to Knight’s Cross to investigate the possible sighting of DeMorde never returned… as the guilt weighs heavy on Fiona’s heart. They wouldn’t have gone out there if she hadn’t insisted to John… she should’ve gone out there herself like she wanted to in the first place.

While eating breakfast with Orrin at the Blackbird Inn, she picks up on a telepathic call from her father who is torn and confused… and only partly on the road to Knight’s Cross. Tense at the thought that it could be a trap or it could really be her only chance to save her father, she quickly gathers Orrin, her Aunt Valerissa, Moreth the Healer and Errin Taal, her guardian, to go with her. If it is a trap, she’s going to need help… but if it isn’t, he’s going to need it instead. She makes sure to tell Digger before she goes, though… because even though she knows she won’t get permission from them, at least she respects them enough to tell them she’s going anyway.

They ride out and find her father alone… though she lied to her father when he asked if she was. How can she know to trust him anymore really? They talk, and manage to convince him to come back to Lakeside where he is put up in the Enclave so that he can be freed from the mental domination of Vaughn.

The now ressurected Sylvia is able to talk of what she encountered with the Doppelganger before it killed her and took her image. Apparently he was the 1/2 elf rogue Ratzig, who Fiona had chased into the warehouse that hid the ancient Chaos Temple beneath it. Was Ratzig the Doppelganger before or after the chase, though?

U the Cleric, meanwhile, decides to hit on Rose Starwarden, as he’s still trying to convert all the D’Falco children to the side of Eris…

By the end of the day they pack up and travel to Lomar’s boathouse to begin their psionic training. Fiona travels with Orrin, Moreth, Rose and Errin travel together, Thalia, Darren and Ivy, and U and Crystal.

When Fiona acknowledges that she is a student of Lomar’s he smiles and tells her to get his bags, then. With a smirk Fiona casts the spell _Mage Hand _and brings his bags to him off the wagon… and Lomar smiles; not many of his pupils had picked up on that so soon.

The Story Continued - Part V
Part V

“Ooo… I can’t wait!” Thalia said excitedly as she clapped her hands together. “I’d heard about his lab… but I haven’t managed to get in there, yet.”

“What…couldn’t pick the lock?” Fiona asked sarcastically as they made their way from the Blackbird Inn back to the Enclave.

“Why I never…well…you see…” Thalia mumbled as she fidgeted with her hands. Her long pointed ears drooped as she continued,” …no, I couldn’t get the darn thing open. Just wait, though,” she added as her face brightened and her ears perked back up, “when I get my shadow jumping down, I won’t even need to pick the lock!”

Fiona snorted. “Thanks for that reminder…I’ve been meaning to get more lights in my room.”

“Hey!” Thalia replied with a pout before she caught the grin on Fiona’s face. “You big tease,” she retorted and stuck out her tongue.

“Come on, children…” Moreth sighed with a roll of her eyes as they stopped along the wall of a long hallway. She placed her hand upon the wall and closed her eyes, her lips moving in a silent spell. Soon after a light traveled across the wall in a shape of a doorway and opened up to reveal a set of stairs going down into the dark.

Fiona raised an eyebrow at Moreth, who shrugged her shoulders and gestured down the stairs as she said, “What? There’s a certain benefit to living in the same place where somebody wants to build a secret lab. In the meantime, after you.”

“Good point,” Fiona acknowledged as she put a hand to Thalia’s back and motioned her ahead of her down the stairs.

“Why do I always have to go first?” she muttered.

“I think it’s in the job description of being a thief, Thalia. I’m sure if you ask John, he can show you the fine print,” Fiona joked as they got to the bottom of the stairs and she rapped loudly on the door.

“Bout’ time you all got here,” accused the gruff short-haired Dwarf who opened the door.

“Missed you too, Digger,” Thalia said sweetly, ruffling his hair with her hand before walking into the lab.

“Wild Elves,” he muttered darkly as he ran a hand through his hair.

“Glad to see you out of a hospital bed, my friend,” Fiona said with a smile before she casually saluted him. “Or should I say, Commander?”

Digger snorted in derision. “Didn’t want to deal with you himself, did he?”

Fiona shook her head in confirmation with a bemused smile as she crossed her arms over her chest. “You know how it is, Digger… if you’re a female not constantly fawning over him he’d rather not have to bother.” She winked at him and followed Thalia through the lab, missing the dwarf’s reaction as he started sputtering.

“I put you over my knee when you were little… don’t think I won’t do it again!” he called after her.

Moreth entered the lab and Digger looked at her with a raised brow, as if daring her to try something. She stepped back and raised her hands to ward him off. “Don’t look at me, Digger… I just work here.” Digger’s body heaved as he issued a “Hrrumph!” and Moreth followed the two deeper into the lab.

“Wicked!” squealed Thalia as she spotted what looked like a modified version of the sleek leather armor that was initially supplied to her by the Thieves’ Guild. “I wonder what this one does?” She ran toward it and ran her hands over it in appreciation.

Fiona looked around the lab and took in the work tables covered with bits of wire, metal she’d never seen before, and strange glowing crystals. As she looked closer at one of the crystals, the light emanating from it seemed to throb… as if in anticipation of her touch. Fascinated, she reached out to oblige it…

“Wouldn’t do that if I were you,” John said as he stepped out of one of the side rooms and quickly locked it behind him. “Those psi crystals are still in their raw form, and with your still new abilities there’s no telling what might happen.”

Fiona reared back in surprise and stared at the table of crystals in curiosity. Psi crystals? “Just what exactly are you guys messing with down here, Uncle?”

“We’re playing catch-up with the Dark Brethren when it comes to the technology they’ve been importing from their world, Fiona. I’m sure you’ve run into equipment they’ve used before that you couldn’t identify.” He explained as he walked to a stand in the corner that held what looked like gauntlets of various sizes with the glowing psi crystals embedded in the middle of them. He picked one up and slid it onto his forearm before looking up at Fiona. “Haven’t you.”

Instantly her thoughts fell back to their investigation of the Locks during their chase of Chalky. The thugs with those strange masks with the black glassy lenses… the cans they threw that leaked out a fog worse than any Stink Cloud she’d ever been subjected too…She gnawed at her bottom lip with her teeth and nodded.

“As I thought.” he said grimly. He walked around the table and stood before the curious trio. “We’ve been working on specialized armor and weapons powered by psi crystals as a means to catch the bastards by surprise. They aren’t the only ones with knowledge from other worlds.” With a smirk he clenched the hand with the gauntlet into a fist, and a purplish beam of energy slightly longer than a short sword shot out over his fist like a blade. “Why worry about armor when you can go right to the heart of the matter, eh?” he said evilly as he demonstrated a thrust with the weapon.

Moreth’s eyes widened in amazement. “We’re going to have to prep the Enclave for the kinds of wounds this could leave, John. Herbal mixes aren’t going to cure a scalpel to the psyche.”

“The only ones I expect to suffer this damage aren’t ones the Enclave should worry about, Moreth,” he said with a wink as he shut off the blade and set the gauntlet back on the stand, picking up another one with a different colored psi crystal in it.

“Maybe the defensive model would be more to your suiting,” he said as he slipped it on and activated a purplish shield of energy the size of a buckler that covered his forearm. “Convenient, concealed, and you still can have your hand free,” he said before turning it off and replacing it on the stand with the others. “What do you say?”

“I want this one, and this one, and that suit over there, and…” Thalia muttered to herself as she quickly moved around the room to lay claim to the pretty shiny things.

“Fiona?” he asked. “I already know what a cleric of Marian is going to say to all this… but what about you?”

“I have to say you peaked my curiosity, Uncle,” she answered as she circled the table and looked at the gauntlets with a furrowed brow. “I can’t say one way or the other right now, though… because as you said, my abilities are still very new. I think I’d like to complete my testing with Lord Valan before making any commitments to your psi powered equipment.”

She finished circling the room and walked up to John with a shrug of her shoulders. “Besides, thanks to my training with Lomar, I can already create the magical equivalent.” Her eyes lit up as she gestured with her hands. “Now what I really want… other than that suit of Elven Chain I’ve been wanting since a kid,” she added with a deprecating laugh, “is a Glove of Storing. With times like this, I don’t ever want to be without my weapon… especially with the Ball coming up. I understand that I can’t wear a ball gown with swords strapped to my sides and a bow across my back… but with one of those I could have one of them at hand in an instant.” She snapped her fingers to emphasize. “Do you think you could get me one of those?” she asked hopefully.

“I should’ve known you’d be just like your mother,” D’Falco said quietly with a shake of his head as he leaned on one of the tables and sighed. “She wanted nothing to do with what we offered her, either.” He looked up and smiled. “I’ll see what I can do for you before the Ball, okay?”

“Thanks,” she said with a smile before her expression turned serious. “These things aren’t why you asked me down here though.”

“Follow me to the other room… you too, Moreth,” he said with a wave of his hand. “Thalia?” he looked over and saw the Wild Elf sitting on the floor trying on different gauntlets for size. “…just don’t take anything out of the lab. If it blows up, I’d like it to be contained.”

With a barely concealed smile he took out his keys and unlocked the door, the clatter of the gauntlets hitting the floor in the elf’s hurry to remove them echoing through the room. He opened the door and gestured them inside with the warning, “In all seriousness this time… don’t touch anything.”

Fiona and Moreth walked inside to see what looked like a 20×20 foot black slab on the ground in the middle of the room with strange markings covering its surface and various wires strewn about all over the floor. “I don’t get it,” Fiona said in frustration as she glanced at John and then back at the strange markings. There was something familiar about this, though… she just couldn’t place it.

“It’s not quite functional yet, but you’re looking at a prototype version of a teleportation pad,” he explained as he gestured to the slab.

Teleportation? That’s it! Her eyes widened and she nudged Moreth in the side with her elbow.

“The stone slab outside of Barrow Hill!” Moreth blurted out in realization.

(more here after discussion over proper info)


(night ends with Myrdon Trial)


The Story Continued - Part IV
Part IV

“Please, Sir Rahn? Can I just borrow Orrin for a little while?” Fiona nearly begged the (description of Rahn?) captain of the Knights of the Lady sitting at his desk in the Enclave. “I was hoping he could watch me during the martial arts competitions today… and I have some official business with your knight that must be taken care of with the authority of Queen Isa. I wouldn’t want to miss my chance with her being right here in town for the Faire.” And if something did go wrong, at least I’d have a capable fighter and cleric by my side…

“And what kind of official business would that be?” Sir Rahn asked in gruff disbelief. “You’ve already been caught teaching one of my best knights how to disregard authority and conduct illegal stakeouts, young lady. I had hoped that a week of latrine duty would have removed the urge for him to do such a thing again.”

Fiona winced as she thought of the punishment Orrin was going through this week, knowing quite well what that must’ve been like. She’d kept the Twins company time enough when they’d been punished by Mira similarly. She blushed slightly and said, “You know…Orrin and I need her official approval.”

After a moment Sir Rahn’s eyes widened in realization. “Oh…I see,” he said and cleared his throat. “While I may fear for the knight’s well-being as well as your own after such news, I will allow you to borrow him temporarily so you may conduct your ‘business’ with the Queen. You will bring him back before the end of the Faire’s activities tonight,” he said as he pointed at Fiona in emphasis. “Understood?”

“Completely, sir! Thank you, sir!” Fiona said with a grin as she raised her hand in a salute.

“At ease, soldier,” he said with a smirk. “I regret that you’re not in my battalion, Fiona Shaw, as dangerous activities like yours would guarantee that our barracks remained spotless.”

Fiona chuckled and ran down the hallway looking for her wayward knight.

(Thalia and Fiona have their discussion about Thalia’s heritage after Fiona runs into her at the Enclave while looking for Orrin. They agree to meet after the show with John to see the lab)

“Orrin? Are you in here?” she asked excitedly as she knocked on the doorjamb of the barracks common room set up for the Knights of the Lady. “Whoa…” she breathed and blushed as she quickly turned around. Orrin had entered the room from one of the dorms, pulling on a grey tunic over his long hair and bared chest in the process. She put her hands to her cheeks and could feel the heat radiating from them. Oh Gods… I bet my face matches my hair…

“Lady Fiona! It pleases me greatly to see you are still in one piece after visiting with your Uncle,” he said with a smile as he walked over to her. “Are you indeed well?” he asked curiously, as she was still turned away from him.

She cleared her throat and turned around grinning. “All things considered, never better. But really,” she continued in a mock reprimand as she took his hands in hers, “you don’t have to keep calling me ‘Lady Fiona,’ Orrin. ‘Fiona’ is just fine.”

“But it would be disrespectful to call you anything else,” he said as he reached up with his right hand to stroke her cheek with the back of his hand, “for you are indeed ‘My Lady.’” His eyes sparkled with emotion as he looked into hers, and Fiona felt herself speechless.

“Um….okay then,” she said weakly and smiled as she felt that familiar warmth spreading through her body. Goddess, give me rampaging Goblins and Undead hordes and I have no problem… but when it comes to love, I am yet a babe in the woods. “I was…” she managed to get out before swallowing and starting again. “I was wondering if you would watch me at the Martial Arts competitions today, and maybe we could watch the sword exhibition together tonight? Thalia’s been practicing a lot for it, and I told her I wouldn’t miss it. I even asked Sir Rahn, and he gave his permission for tonight…” she finished quickly, gazing at him hopefully as she awaited his answer with baited breath.

He paused, briefly considering that he’d definitely have to get used to women asking his permission or opinion on things, and said, “I’d love to. Let me get my things, and we can go.” He lightly jogged back to his dorm room and disappeared briefly.

Fiona heaved a sigh of relief and quickly tried to straighten her wildly curly hair as he came back with his own long silver hair neatly tied back and a pouch tied to his belt. “Shall we, milady?” he asked with a smile as he held his arm out to her.

“I believe we shall!” Fiona said happily as she put her arm through his and they made their way to the competition grounds.


“It’s just a shame Bregir didn’t sign up for this,” Fiona muttered to herself as her hands tightened around her bow nervously.

“I’m sure your brother is fine,” Thalia reassured her as she prepped her bow for their turn at the targets. “Heather & Holly will take good care of him.”

Fiona snorted. “I’m sure… they’ve taken quite an affection towards him and they know my feelings about it. I was just saying that because he was always better at the bow than I was,” she whispered with chagrin as the announcer took to his stand.

“Would the competitors for the 2nd round of the Archery Competition please step forward!” he declared.

Fiona took a deep breath and nodded at Thalia. “Good luck.”

“You too,” she replied before they went their separate ways to their targets, Fiona smiling and waving as she spotted Orrin in the stands.

Okay… you can do this. Fiona hefted the bow as the referee raised his green flag and couldn’t help hesitating as she felt that it wasn’t right. The Dark Bow should be in her hands, it’s energy flowing through her arms as their minds focused as one at a target… not some simple piece of wood. Before she could come to terms with it, however, the flag dropped and she knew she had to shoot. She brought the bow up to her face and pulled back on the line as she slowly drew in a breath and held it… the target becoming her only focus of attention.

With a ‘twang’ the arrow shot from her fingers and struck the target with a solid thud, and Fiona released her breath in a rush as she heard the cheers of the crowd around her. The referee waived a red flag this time and all the contestants lowered their bows for the judging.

Three rounds continued in the same fashion until fifteen minutes later the judges were standing by her and Thalia’s targets. The two conferred with the announcer, and he nodded before returning to his stand.

“The winner of the 2nd round of the Archery Competition is Thalia __!”

Fiona winced as she leaned on her bow. He’s never going to let me live this one down when he finds out…

“2nd place goes to Fiona Shaw, and our thanks go out to all the other competitors today who didn’t make it,” he continued. “The finals will take place tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, the light melee competition will begin in 20 minutes.”

Thalia squealed in delight and jumped up and down with her bow in the air. “Yes! Who’s good?”

Fiona shook her head at Thalia’s antics and smiled before holding out her hand. “Congratulations, Thalia. Those were some great shots today.”

She giggled and shook Fiona’s hand with vigor. “Thank you! Ooo…I’ve got to go tell John and Darren and Ivy and…see you, Fiona!” Thalia grinned widely as she ran off into the crowd.

Fiona laughed to herself as she returned her bow to the judges and walked over to the stands. “Ah well,” she sighed as she sat down next to Orrin. “I gave it my best shot.” “That is all the Gods ever ask of us,” Orrin said with sympathy as he placed his hand over hers on her knee and gave it a squeeze. “Besides… the wild elf isn’t without skills of her own, and I think winning today will do much to build her confidence in the coming days.”

Fiona watched Thalia bouncing through the crowd and smiled. “You’re right… with what she’s been going through lately, she deserves it.” She leaned towards Orrin and nudged him playfully with her side. “Lucky for me you’re so wise.”

Orrin smiled at the compliment. “While I am blessed to have such a connection with the divine, I think in this case it comes from having an outsider’s objective eye.” His expression grew serious as he continued. “ For example… have you noticed the tension in the air?”

Fiona rested her elbows on her knees and hung her head as she ran her hands through her hair. “I was hoping it was just me… but then we couldn’t be so lucky.” She sighed. “How much do you want to bet Discord’s been getting the full tour of the town?”

The announcer took to his stand and declared, “The 2nd round of the Light Weapons Melee competition will be beginning in 5 minutes! Will everyone please take your seats and competitors please report to the grounds!”

“I only hope that she stays away from here till the competition is over… I don’t want people to needlessly get hurt,” she muttered as she stood up. She turned around and smiled, holding back her hair as she bent down to kiss Orrin on the cheek. “Wish me luck.”

“The blessings of the Goddess are already upon you, milady,” he said with a smile, “but I wish you luck in the upcoming competitions nonetheless.”

The light melee competition passed in a flurry of blows from dulled swords as Fiona swung her sword with practiced ease and Thalia, who had just managed to make it back in time, bobbed and weaved with chaotic verve.

By the end of the 2nd round Fiona ended up coming out on top, with Thalia coming in a close second. Thalia bounded up to the ranger and grabbed her hand to shake it. “Way to go, Fiona! After seeing the way you chop down zombies, I knew you’d be hard to beat.”

Fiona smiled and winked. “Told you I was better at swords than I was at bows.”

“I’ve got to go find Ivy so we can get ready for the sword exhibition. You’ll be there, right?” the wild elf asked hopefully.

“You know I wouldn’t miss it,” Fiona assured Thalia before she bounded off again into the crowd. Fiona shook her head in amazement at the energetic elf before reaching towards the sky in a long stretch. “Gods, I’m glad that’s over with,” she groaned.

Orrin joined her and asked quizzically, “If it relieves you so for them to end, may I ask why you chose to compete in them?”

Fiona took his hand in hers and they started walking towards the town square where the sword show would be taking place. “At first, my only thought was that if I won I’d be able to get into the Prince’s Ball and help protect everyone if something went wrong or an attempt was made by the Dark Brethren. But now…” her voice waivered and she grew silent.

Orrin squeezed her hand. “Someone had to stand up for Amberglenn,” he said in understanding.

“Yeah…” she answered quietly as she looked anywhere but at him, “silly, huh?”

“On the contrary,” he said as he stopped and faced her, his hands sliding up Fiona’s arms to rest solidly on her shoulders. “I think such fierce determination and loyalty to your home is admirable.” He raised her gaze to his gently with a hand under her chin. “Despite all that has afflicted this world, you never forget who you are… and I am honored to stand beside you.”

Unable to stop the tears in her eyes, Fiona embraced the ice elf tightly, her head resting in the crook of his neck. “Thank you,” she whispered brokenly into his skin.

Orrin held her to him and stroked rested his cheek against her hair, sensing her need for comfort. You need not fight for this world alone, my lady… for I will guard you always.

With a shuddering sigh Fiona let the stresses of the day slip away as she rested in Orrin’s arms, the warmth permeating her body. She relished these oh-so-brief moments of peace when she could forget. No rest for the wicked, girl… you’ve got a goddess running around town and stirring up trouble. She sighed in resignation before leaning back in his arms. “Shall we head on to the show?”

Orrin smiled and nodded. “If you’re ready.”

Fiona interlaced her fingers with Orrin’s as they held hands and strolled down the street amidst the noises and colors of the faire. Colorful banners flew from storefronts as vendors hawked their wares, children running about and people from all over the land arriving to enjoy the event. Fiona’s eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of a woman with flowing white hair surrounded by a retinue of guards.

“Is that…” she began as she felt Orrin stiffen beside her.

“Yes… it is my Queen. Knowing her love of martial prowess, she is most likely heading to the exhibition as well.”

“Perfect!” Fiona exclaimed and looked to Orrin with a grin and toss of her head in the queen’s direction. “Come on… perhaps we can catch up to her.”

Orrin’s eyes widened in a panic as he resisted her pull. “Are you sure you want to talk to her now?” The women of the Ice Elves were always an imposing lot, commanding the men of their land with cold logic and steadfast belief in their superior abilities… but Queen Isa exemplified that notion to the highest, and he had no desire to be under her scrutiny.

“Orrin…trust me,” she said with a reassuring smile. “I’ve already confronted a goddess today, so I figure I’m on a roll.” Her expression grew more solemn as she continued quietly, “Besides… things are going to get worse around here before they get better… so I don’t want to pass up the chance.”

He drew a deep breath and nodded. “You’re right… I apologize for my foolishness.”

“None needed,” she said as she reached up and stroked the back of his neck with a smile. “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach the size of harpies right now… but life is too fragile to be afraid.” She stood on her toes and brushed her lips against his in a kiss before stepping back and taking his hand again. “Now come on…”

(runs into Queen Isa and asks permission, follows her to sword show where she meets Discord, blocks Discord from meeting royals- then animal handling and hunting competitions– Fiona tracks illusion and thugs into the woods and brings back illusionist as prisoner – discusses possibility of setting a trap with D’Falco and the others)

The Story Continued - Part III
Part III

Fiona couldn’t deny the sigh of relief that escaped her lips as they entered the gate of the Enclave and passed the multiple wards against intrusions placed there by their elder clerics.

Orrin stopped her in the courtyard and squeezed her hand gently. “I must report back to my Captain,” he said with regret. “I’m afraid my free time has been limited after our lessons in ‘sneaking.’”

“Sorry about that,” Fiona said as she blushed and scuffed the dirt with the toe of her boot. “Guess I should’ve left the sneaking in the city to Thalia.”

“I don’t regret one moment of it,” Orren said with a smile as he gently placed a finger under her chin and lifted her gaze to his, “for it was my first night spent in your company. I had hoped from then on that there would be many more.”

“Oh, you’re stuck with me now,” Fiona said with a grin as she poked him in the chest playfully. “I told Discord herself that I’d fight her for you… and I meant it.”

Orrin’s eyes widened in surprise as he realized what Fiona did when he talked to that woman in the inn. He knew from the start that this fiery-haired wood elf was strong of spirit… but he never imagined that such strength would ever be focused on his well-being. The men from his land grew up conditioned to be the protectors of the females at all costs, for they were part of the matriarchy. The possibility of a female, let alone one he cared about, to be willing to sacrifice their lives to protect him… it stunned him. He took Fiona’s hand in his and bowed deeply, kissing her hand with reverence.

“You honor me greatly, milady.”

Fiona looked at Orrin’s serious display in amazement and smiled as he stood up. “It’s what you do when you love someone,” she said simply and stood on her tip-toes to kiss his cheek. “I’ve got to go find Uncle John before he takes off again. Remember… no getting into trouble without me, okay?”

“And none without me,” Orrin replied as he caressed her cheek. “Be careful, Fiona.”

“Hey,” she replied over her shoulder with a grin as she walked away, “it’s me!”


“I’m a widow,” she heard a female voice declare as Fiona neared the door to Thalia’s room at the Enclave. She figured she’d check in on everyone who was at the dock explosion, and besides… Thalia and John D’Falco were usually found in close proximity these days. Sometimes too close if you asked her… but in the end that was really between Aunt Mira and himself. She sighed in resignation as she placed a hand on the doorknob. Dad may have loved Mira long ago… but when we make our choices in life we have to live with them.

She opened the door and walked into the room to see Thalia sitting up in bed with Ivy Nighthawk, one of the many daughters of John D’Falco, sitting by her side. D’Falco was sitting on a turned chair at the end of the bed, a dour expression on his face.

“Somebody have an unfortunate marriage we didn’t know about?” she asked curiously as sudden realization dawned on Thalia’s face.

“Oh…a widow…”

Ivy raised a brow curiously at Thalia, as if to ask “How would you know?” before she continued her tale.

(insert Ivy’s story about Chalky, her curse, etc.)

“That Goddess you described sounds a lot like ‘She-who-shall-not-be-named’ to me,” Fiona said worriedly as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the wall.

“Who?” asked D’Falco curiously.

“You know,” Fiona answered in a theatrical whisper, “the spider lover.”

“No,” Ivy said with a sigh,” not her. The weaver I gave into is one of Shadows… not of webs.”

“Seems to be just as sticky, though,” Fiona muttered with a frown. “You’re a Wild Elf, though… aren’t you? I just can’t understand how you could’ve…”

“She’s only half-blooded,” D’Falco said sadly, “and we weren’t able to be there to help, Fiona. Things can be a lot different when you grow up in the city without parents.”

“Believe me when I say I never expected to live this long either, Fiona,” Ivy said with a depreciating half-smile as she turned to look at her. “I thought I’d be able to get my revenge against him, and that would be that.”

“I’ve been learning from my experience in Lakeside that promises with Gods seem to be at the root of all our troubles,” Fiona sighed as she looked pointedly at D’Falco. She walked over to him and leaned down to whisper in his ear, “We need to talk… now… in private.”

He nodded in understanding and stood up to place a hand on Ivy’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, Ivy…I…”

Her shoulders drooped as she looked down at her hands. “It’s okay, Dad… you’ve got hundreds of people who need your help right now. Besides,” she reached out to take Thalia’s hand in hers with a small smile, “Thalia and I have much to talk about.”

“I’m glad you’re doing okay, Thalia,” Fiona said as she opened the door, then looked at Ivy sympathetically. “I’m sorry for your problems, Ivy.” She nodded in response.

“Thanks, Fiona. I’ll probably see you around at the Inn,” Thalia replied then smiled sweetly. “See you, John…”

“Well?” D’Falco asked gruffly as he closed the door behind Fiona in a currently empty room at the Enclave.

She gnawed her lip as she paced back and forth. What was the best way to explain that the daughter of Eris was in town casing the place with one her clerics to the man who has been manipulated by Eris for years? She stopped and turned to him.

“Your stalker girlfriend’s daughter has come to town, and you wouldn’t believe who she’s dating.”

D’Falco looked at her in shock before grim realization set in. “Oh…shit.”

“Yeah…tell me about it,” Fiona said sarcastically. “At least I’ve got some good news too…”

“The land opened up and took all my enemies with it?” D’Falco said with a hollow laugh as he closed his eye and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Fiona smiled. “I know where mother is.”

D’Falco’s hand fell to his side as he opened his eye and looked at her intensely. “Well… I guess it’s about time we show you what we’ve been working on, then.”

Fiona looked at him with eager hope as her hands clenched into fists. The last time they’d talked about her mother, he’d mentioned that the Blackbirds, his secret organization, was working on a solution. Every day her mother spent imprisoned by the Dark Brethren was another day where they could find out who she really was… and that decided her fate between just another prisoner from Amberglenn to a tool that they could use to get to her family.

“But first, we need to do something that I’ve been trying to put off,” he said as he took a seat and motioned for her to sit across from him.

Fiona looked at him curiously as she sat down. Was she finally going to be tested to see if she can become a Blackbird?

He gazed at her solemnly before he reached up and removed his eye patch, revealing a piercing gaze that felt like it was staring into her soul. Her psychic barriers struggled at the intrusion, but ultimately her fledgling skills failed under his mental interrogation.

“We need to clear the air, Fiona. I’ve helped raise you since you were a child, and I know you. Ever since we’ve come to Lakeside you’ve held a disdain for me… and now it’s time to talk about it. If you want to be a Blackbird, I need to know that you will follow my orders and watch my back.”

“I’ve never lied to you, Uncle,” she bit out and winced. If Lord Valan approves of my psychic testing, I swear I’m going to focus on my mental defenses… “When I learned of the extent of your multiple relationships and who it effected, I told you exactly how I felt about it.”

John chuckled. “Indeed, you’ve never been one to hide your opinions… but I want to hear it all, Fiona. I don’t want this coming up between us during an inopportune time.”

Fine. If that’s the way you want it…”If my father can’t be happy with Mira, I want her to be the happiest woman in the world with you.”

He flinched slightly at her confession. “I realize your father and Mira had feelings for each other, Fiona… and I know those feelings exist even now. Despite everything that has happened, I love your aunt dearly. She’s been through too much tragedy in her life… and those wounds have been reopened with the reappearance of that blackguard DeMorde. Would you have that I go to the inn right now and leave her?”

“No… I wouldn’t,” Fiona answered with a sigh. “You all made your choices… and while I love Mira like an aunt, my father moved on with mother and needs to let go. It’s your actions after that that riled me. You went on to father children with three different women after marrying Mira. At first it angered me to no end, as I thought, my father included, that you were treating Mira like she was just another notch in your belt.”

D’Falco’s grip tightened on the chair back. “Go on.”

“I talked to some of them, though: Ivy, Crystal, Heather and Holly… and when I heard their stories, and the circumstances you were forced into that led to their births, I grew to accept that your life has not been your own. You yourself told me that Eris cursed you to an extended life when you refused to take her offer in the desert, and as chaotic as she is, she wouldn’t just do that for no reason. All the women you’ve been with in your long life from around the globe are all of a sudden here in Lakeside… and with their children too. All the evil people you’ve struggled and fought against in your life all hatch their plans against you, but they happen to be coming into fruition all at the same time, in the same place? And now… Discord, the daughter of Eris herself just happens to show up for the Faire? I’ve come to terms with it, and you need to too, John: ever since that day, your life has been at the whim of Chaos.”

John’s eyes narrowed and his lips pressed tightly together as he listened to her. “Interesting theory… and I’m not too pleased to admit that it has credibility.”

“I accepted what happened with Tamara, Miranda and Isa… I really have.” Fiona sighed deeply. “But when you showed up with Thalia… I just couldn’t when I saw the pain in Mira’s eyes, seeming visible to everyone but yourselves. Or can you spin me a tale about how that wasn’t your fault, either? I would wish to believe it… that you just didn’t disregard Mira’s feelings, and your marriage, like that. And then to find that you sent her to me for protection without even telling me…”

“You go too far, Fiona. Events have happened in all our lives that you just can’t understand,” he replied quietly. “I’ve lived a long time.”

“I know,” she said, remembering her times as a child on her Uncle’s knee close to 100 years ago. “I’ve seen cases of Elves doing the same thing in my time…but usually they move on when they do it, John… instead of remaining with their previous loves while they come home to flaunt their new ones.” She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. “I’ve been coming to understand quite a lot in a very short period of time… and it makes me wish that I’d never left home,” she finished as she wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand.

“I don’t think this is going to work, Fiona. If you can’t trust me…” he said as he reached for his eye patch.

“You misunderstand me, Uncle,” Fiona continued. If she was going to be able to fight off the attacks of the Dark Brethren and DeMorde, she knew she just had to be privy to the Blackbird’s knowledge and skills.

“As a leader and strategist, I have the highest respect and trust for you. Your knowledge and abilities have helped the Blackbirds protect Lakeside and it’s surrounding towns for years, the King himself trusts you enough to be his War Duke during his illness, and I haven’t seen you do a single thing that would make me not believe that you have the wellbeing of this world in mind and will protect it with your life. If you send me out under your orders, I will fulfill those duties to the best of my ability every time.” She sighed and half smiled. “It’s just your relationship skills that I think could use some improvement.”

“And you’re sure that you can keep those feelings separated?” he said as he lowered his hand.

Fiona was silent in thought for a moment. “The protection of our families…our towns…our world… they mean much more to me than how you choose to lead your life, Uncle. I will not let my thoughts lead me astray from what needs to be done to make things right again.”

He stared at her in silence as she felt him searching her thoughts for any sign of doubt. “Very well,” he said as he sat back and replaced his eye patch. “I will allow you to join us on probationary status under Digger’s command. You two have had experience working together already, from what he’s told me of your time at Barrow Hill.”

“I won’t let you down, sir!” Fiona said with a relieved grin as she stood up and saluted him.

“Please,” he said with a deprecating chuckle at the salute. He stood up and headed for the door. “Gather up Thalia and Moreth after the sword show and competitions tonight, and we’ll head down to the lab.”

The Story Continued
The story continues...

“While I’m sure Moraine appreciates your constant prayers, Orrin, believe me when I tell you… again… that Fiona is going to be fine,” the redheaded cleric of Moraine said with a roll of her eyes as she looked at the white haired elf who’d been kneeling by her bedside for the past six hours. “Our healing magic was able to restore the majority of her injuries with no problems.” She walked over to Orrin and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder and smiled as he looked up at her hopefully. “The rest is up to her. She’s been going non-stop since we got to Lakeside… the poor girl probably just needs the rest.”

“Are you sure, Moreth? She’s slept so long…” Orrin asked worriedly as he turned to look at the healer. Fiona began tossing and muttering in her sleep, however, quickly regaining the worried Knight of the Lady’s attention.


He moved to sit by her side on the bed and gently moved her hair off her face as he cupped her cheek fondly. “Fiona… thank the Goddess that you are well.”

Fiona’s eyes flickered open as his soothing touch woke her from her nightmare, groaning as she took in the familiar white walls of the Enclave belonging to the Healers of Moraine. “Goddess… I just can’t get out of this town, can I?” she moaned.

“We love you too, Fiona,” Moreth replied sarcastically as she cleaned up the last of the herbal mixtures that they’d used to speed her healing. “Goddess be praised, it looks like we all managed to make it out of that mess on the docks without loss of life.”

“You caused me… us… no end of worry,” Orrin said with a half smile. “Please don’t do something like that again without me… it makes it rather difficult to protect you.”

Fiona smiled at the concerned knight and sat up to hug him. She sighed contentedly into his shoulder as she felt his arms wrap around her to hold her tightly to him in return. “Deal… neither of us goes off on dangerous missions without the other. That way we can protect each other.” A low grumble came from Fiona’s stomach and interrupted the peaceful moment. Fiona leaned back and with slightly pink cheeks laughed, “In the meanwhile, I’m starving. So what time of day is it now?”

“You managed to sleep through the morning bells… but you should still have time to get breakfast at the Blackbird Inn,” Moreth replied. “Now that you’re in good hands, I’m going to make sure everyone else is doing okay before I head there myself.”

Fiona’s expression grew serious as she looked to the healer. “Thank you for saving me, Moreth. Your skills and that of your kind have become invaluable in these dark times.”

“Indeed,” Orrin replied in agreement as he nodded at the healer. “We have much to thank the Goddess for.”

Moreth was stunned for a moment at the heartfelt words from the ranger. She had grown so used to her usual acerbic attitude that she momentarily didn’t know what to say. “… …you’re welcome… just doing what we do best. See you later, Fiona.”

“See you, Moreth.” Fiona turned back to the knight in her arms and rested her forehead against his with a smile. “Now about that breakfast…”


The Blackbird Inn was bustling with activity as people who had come from all over to see the Faire decided to also try out Mira’s famous cooking that day. Fiona waved a hand to her aunt as she stood behind the bar taking orders, but she was so busy all she could do was smile wearily in acknowledgment.

“I don’t envy her at all,” Fiona said as they quickly seized an empty booth in the corner. “Give me the open land any day compared to being bound behind a counter.” “We all must serve our parts,” Orrin answered with a small smile as he sat down.

“That reminds me,” Fiona said as she tapped the table with her finger and leaned toward him. “We need to talk …about the vision you and Errin were blessed with that sent you on your quest.” His eyes widened as she continued. “I can’t help but feel that it’s an important part of what’s going on, Orrin… and if I’m involved in it…I…I need to know what could happen.”

Her expression grew sad as her eyes fell to the tabletop and she started tracing the patterns in the wood with her finger. “There’s so much chaos and instability going on and I try to keep people safe and maintain the balance… but I can’t help but feel like all I’m accomplishing is pissing in the wind.”

Orrin reached over and took her hand in both of his, gently stroking the back of it with his thumbs. “Your part in this story is far from over, Fiona. I’ve seen it.” He took a deep breath and continued, “I could describe it, but perhaps it would be best if I showed you, instead.”

Fiona’s breath caught in her throat and she nodded in acceptance as she swallowed. “I’m ready.” She closed her eyes and breathed deep to help her relax as he revealed the vision that had been driving him for years.

She can feel the moldy dampness in the air and the tingling feeling of electricity prickling at her skin as she moves forward like a ghost over a cobblestone floor towards the sound of rushing air. As she moves closer she sees a deep gaping hole has formed in the ground, and the sound of rushing air is the sucking sound of it as it attempts to swallow all in it’s dark mass. Lightning crackles in the air around the opening, and she can’t help but feel that she’s seen this before.

Her thoughts are interrupted as the sound of people running toward her echo across the stones. As she peers into the darkness she’s surprised to see herself running towards the portal and stopping at the edge. Her other self looked back in fear and Fiona could now see a battered Errin and Orrin following her, but stopping short of where her other self stood. They turned around and faced the darkness with their swords drawn, and Fiona felt a chill go down her spine as she saw the darkness begin to move.

“Orrin!” her other self yelled in a panic as she drew her sword and reached out her hand toward him.

“You must go, Fiona!” he yelled. “This is the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life!”

“No,” Fiona said as she broke contact and sat back in the booth heavily, tears forming in her eyes. “I can’t accept that, Orrin… I won’t leave without you and Errin.”

It took a moment for him to collect himself before he took her hand in his and spoke. “It is our part to play. I’ve felt I’ve known you for so long, Fiona… and in my heart I’ve known that I am meant to protect you from this evil. Your part is greater than you or I can know… and I thank the Goddess that she, and you, have seen me worthy to let me be a part of it.”

“What about our promise?” she asked desperately as a lone tear slid down her cheek. “We swore that we wouldn’t get into any more trouble without the other, right?”

Orrin smiled as he gently caressed her cheek and wiped the tear away with his thumb. “My dear lady…I will be by your side as long as the Goddess permits me.”

“She’ll have me to answer to if she thinks she can take you away from me that easily,” she said with a broken laugh as she reached up and took his hand in hers. “I promised Errin I would help her find her people and reclaim her birthright… and you promised to show me your home next summer.”

“Indeed I did,” he said with a smile as he squeezed her hand reassuringly. “Perhaps there is more to the story that we have yet to see.”

“Yeah… like the part where we all go together,” she said emphatically.

One of the waitresses finally came by with a pot of tea and a steaming cup of coffee, and Fiona took it eagerly, glad for the momentary distraction. She knew that vision was going to haunt her for many nights to come.

“I still don’t understand how you can drink that Dwarven concoction,” Orrin said in disbelief as he drank his tea.

Fiona held the steaming mug up to her nose with an appreciative smile. “It surprised me at first, I admit,” she replied, then took a careful sip, “but it grows on you. Besides, when we were in Barrow Hill the choices seemed down to it or the twin’s Elfwine, and I wasn’t going to deal with the repercussions of that drink while we were still in danger. If I wanted something at attention, I’d rather it be my mind.”

Orrin blushed and quickly focused on putting sugar in his tea. “Good to know.”

Fiona set her mug down and reached out her hand to cover his on the table. She was about to apologize for embarrassing the innocent knight when the comfortable atmosphere of the Inn was interrupted by the entrance of U, crazed cleric of Eris and sometimes travel companion, with a rather sleek and seductive looking blonde woman on his arm that sent a chill up her spine. For some reason, thoughts of a snake in a henhouse came to mind.

She squeezed Orrin’s hand as he turned to see the cleric and strange woman enter and whispered, “I’ll be right back.”

With a grit of her teeth she walked up to the cleric and affected her best smile that just couldn’t reach her eyes. As much as U had been helpful in her adventures in the past… she was still wary about his goals in Lakeside. “Greetings, U. It’s good to see that you’re in good health after that fiasco last night,” she said as she nodded to him.

He looked to the woman on his arm and smiled. “Indeed…the Goddess takes good care of those who please her.”

“My name is Fiona Shaw,” she said to the woman as she held out her hand in greeting.

“The pleasure is all mine, Fiona,” she replied in a lilting voice as she took Fiona’s hand in hers. “My name is Disnomia… and the good cleric here has been kind enough to show me around this quaint little town during my visit.” Her hand slid out of Fiona’s slowly and moved to point past her shoulder at the white haired elf gazing at them curiously from the booth. “And who might that lovely gentlemen be?”

Fiona looked over her shoulder as she discretely tried to wipe her hand on her breeches. “Him? Oh.. his name is TAKEN,” she said with quiet force as she looked unflinchingly at Disnomia.

“Indeed,” she said with a sly smile. “I’ll have to remember that.”

“Do,” Fiona replied succinctly as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“If you’ll excuse us, Fiona, we’re going to have breakfast before I continue the tour.” With a nod U led the woman to a table, but not without Fiona catching Disnomia winking over her shoulder at them first.

“Just great, “ Fiona muttered to herself as she returned to their table, the realization that she just told the Goddess of Discord to take a flying leap finally sinking into her stomach. She’d been doing her best to take U’s chaotic influence in stride… but walking into the Blackbird Inn with her on his arm has got to take the cake.

“Are you all right?” Orrin asked in concern as he observed the nervous expression on Fiona’s face. “Who was that strange woman?”

“Someone we all need to worry about… and do our best to stay away from,” she answered, picking up her coffee mug and setting it down again with a sigh. “What do you say we head back to the Enclave? I need to fill in Digger and Uncle John with what happened at the Docks… and who’s come to town.”

Orrin gazed at the two sitting across the room, their auras of Chaos so strong to the knight that he felt the hairs on his arms prickle. “Yes… I think that’s a good idea.”

The Story So Far...
The Story So Far...

Fiona’s head was still ringing from the explosion that turned the impounded ship into kindling. One minute she was fighting Fire Wraiths who were attacking the strange tanks they found on the ship while her friends did their best to weigh anchor and get the ship out into the harbor… and the next… the next… she was hearing birds?

With a start Fiona opened her eyes to a blurry blue sky as her mind slowly came back into focus. Her hands stretched out and instead of the rough wooden planks of the dock, she felt soft and springy grasses tickle her palms. Okay… either the explosion knocked me farther than I thought, or…

“You’re not dead, my child,” a melodic female voice spoke that reminded Fiona of songs that she hadn’t heard since she was a child dancing with others around the Amberglenn tree. After a quick check to make sure nothing was broken, Fiona sat up and rubbed her eyes. She looked around in wonder to find that she was indeed no longer at the docks of Lakeside… she was home, lying at the base of the Amberglenn tree.

With a broken sob she reached out to touch its golden bark, fearful that this was all just a desperate illusion created by her mind. She felt its rough texture and gazed up at the blood red leaves with a teary-eyed smile. “If this is a dream, please don’t let me wake up,” she whispered.

“It’s not a dream…” the voice spoke again, and this time Fiona swore she could tell the direction it was coming from. She took off through the woods, determined to find its source.

As she broke through the foliage she came upon a clearing, the sun shining down through the trees with a beautiful blonde woman in forest green ranger garb accompanied by curious animals of various sizes standing in the middle of it.

With a start, Fiona realized who was before her and quickly moved to one knee. “Your humble servant is honored to be in your presence, my Goddess. Is it time for me to return?”

Mielikki smiled and walked forward to place a hand upon Fiona’s head. “Nay, my fierce ranger… for there is still much to do in the world of Men.” Her hand moved down under Fiona’s chin to gently guide her to her feet as she gazed sadly into her eyes. “You have suffered much, dear Fiona… physically and mentally… and for that I am sorry. You must allow your heart to heal and trust in your companions, for you all fight for what is right.”

“Even…” Fiona began questioningly.

“Yes,” Mielikki said with a small chuckle, “even him… in his own way.”

Her hands moved to Fiona’s shoulders and squeezed them reassuringly. “I need you to be whole for the battles ahead… for I will call on you. So search your heart… if there is one question you would have me answer, I would do it.”

The words fell from Fiona’s lips without hesitation. “Where is my mother?”

With a sad smile, as if she already knew what the question would be, Mielikki turned from Fiona and they walked back to the Amberglenn tree. She reached out and stroked the golden bark with a loving touch, the passing breeze making the leaves rustle almost like a sigh. “Your mother is here… “ she began, her hand dropping to her side as she turned to Fiona,”… 50 miles below us.”

A million questions sprung to Fiona’s mind after hearing the revelation. “But how…who…”

“Lock this knowledge away, Fiona Shaw… for while it plagues your mind, other forces spread across our world and plague us all.” Mielikki reached out with a knowing smile and cupped Fiona’s cheek gently. “Now rest, my stubborn warrior… for there are others who eagerly await your return.”

Fiona swallowed her questions and closed her mouth tightly as she nodded in understanding, her eyelids suddenly growing heavy. With a barely stifled yawn she took a step back and sat down at the base of the Amberglenn tree, the flickering sunlight and the gentle breeze soon lulling her into a deep sleep.


The Timeline So Far...

The Timeline So Far…

1. Fiona, Bahb and Tobin return from scouting mission to find Amberglenn empty.

2. We each go in a different direction looking for help.

3. Found Moreth the Healer on her walkabout, and U the Cleric of Eris getting women to show their boobs and other adventurers, convinced them to come help her investigate village.

4. Found black monolith in middle of town with Goblin tracks and traces around the edge of town.

5. Followed tracks into a valley where there was another black monolith.

6. Encountered B’Hall “Gobi” the Goblin Healer, conscious objector and traitor to his people, from Mist Haven.

7. Found Bahb’s trail from Amberglenn to 1st Dungeon.
  • Killed bad guy and stuffed him down the toilet to try and hide the body.
  • Found human Wyrm worshipper who was experimenting on Bahb (damaged his mind) with a nasty dark liquid and strange device.
  • Subdued and ‘interrogated’ the prisoner.

i. Evil elf-hating knife

ii. Strange metal balls

iii. Locked box

iv. Wyrm Badge
  • Moreth destroyed alien teleportation device, turned dungeon into fused glass.

8. Went back to Elfstead to report Goblin activity, notice sent to Kingswood officials. Was told to investigate and inform villages to the west.

9. Gobi goes back to Mist Haven.

10. Encountered Thalia while heading west, she asks me for protection from thugs chasing after her. We accept.

11. U is visited by Eris, she gives him a Wand of Wonder and a quest to convert Holly & Heather D’Falco to her cause.

12. 2nd Dungeon (how did we get to this one?)
  • Dark Brethren alchemist lab, book and ingredients taken for examination by Moreth’s fellow clerics.
  • Goblin raiding logs and items from Amberglenn found.
  • Hobgoblins with teleporting rings stashing supplies in cave.
  • Decided to head to Brendanmoor to report to our chapterhouses and find John D’Falco, as he has some influence in this area.

13. Came to waystation at the entrance to the High Pass, deserted with Zombies in the basement. We go on through pass to Barrow Hill.

14. Barrow Hill

  • On way to Barrow Hill we find a stone slab with strange markings on it possibly used for teleportation purposes. U turns it into a statue dedicated to Eris.
  • Cyrus the Elven Mage (innkeeper) and Digger the Dwarf (caretaker) are the only people left after suspicious men came through town and a plague affecting humans and half-elves started soon after.
  • Tree in graveyard found to be tainted by Dark Brethren token. Many others found in graveyard by us and Digger in the past.
  • Cyrus gives us backstory on the Goblin War in this area, and the legends of the wielder of the Dark Bow. Fiona decides to try and find it.
  • We investigate the Barrows for more undead.

i. U finds the Doom Mace.

ii. We fight a Mimic monster, U turns him into a stone statue and Thalia takes the strange golden ball that was in its keeping.

iii. Secret path from barrow to Inn discovered.

iv. Moreth pours holy water on empty coffin in barrow. *We return for more equipment to have Thalia detect an imposing presence watching us and find Holly & Heather D’Falco along with miscellaneous other characters (Elven fighter/mage, ½ Drow)
  • Is this where Bregir and Holly show up injured?
  • Twins find the Elfwine stash and we all partake, Thalia dancing on tables, U getting a religious experience thanks to the Twins, and Fiona taking some comfort with them.
  • We investigate houses in town, find a journal in a strange language and a hypnotizing effect in a bag.
  • Find Mielikki Temple where Fiona pockets a small bowl and sickle.
  • Two men in grey robes show up in town, miscellaneous other adventurers leave (f/m went to look for more populated towns, Fiona told the ½ Drow just how much she hated his people).

i. Thalia flirts with them, picks their pockets (finds lots of money, BB coin?) and puts it back.

ii. We investigate their room while they’re distracted, find thieves tools and assassination kits.

iii. Thalia lures them to a room to play strip poker. One thug gets demanding after she wins. U hears this in the hallway and casts Cause Panic in the room. The thug who had since removed his clothes in an attempt to rape Thalia panics and runs out of the room to encounter the business end of Fiona’s unsheathed sword as she prepared to enter the room. iv. Other one gets tied up. (what happened to him?)
  • More tracks of guys in town are found; some at the inn. Fiona buys one a beer and questions him, discovers they’re looking for Thalia.
  • She checks out their horses, finds they’re from Valencourt and one of them is a much better horse than the others (more intelligent).
  • Thalia gets ‘personal’ with Darren (which group did he come with?)
  • Fiona questions him in hallway afterwards, discovers he’s a Blackbird working for D’Falco and he’s been sent as a double agent to stop an assassination attempt of Elven diplomats in the High Pass.
  • Beer found to be bad, humans (some of the Valencourt thugs) are getting really sick
  • Fiona decides to try and learn magic, talks to Cyrus.
  • We decide to leave as a group with Darren to investigate the High Pass.
  • Captain Myrdon with Kingswood Rangers detain us at entrance to the pass, refuse to let us go through. We agree to ‘leave’ but circle back to check things out.
  • Darren and Thalia investigate the Pass, exchange arrows with bad guys on the hill. Dark robed mage uses magic to cause an avalanche filling the valley. Bright light observed in valley around diplomats before they’re covered in snow. Few survivors make it out and head to the waystation.
  • Fiona finds dead bodies in the woods, spies Myrdon talking to robed figure named Lazarus who hisses a lot and seems to know her and her family.

i. Another survivor is seen going into waystation, but not seen after that.

ii. Lord Auric, grey elf purist asshole and Wyrm War coward, revealed to be 1st in line to take over Kingswood with “death” of its leader.
  • We subdue Myrdon’s men and capture him for interrogation back in Barrow hill. i. One of Myrdon’s men revealed to be Federation spy who is pissed off at being used. We bring him and other rangers into room when we question Myrdon so they can hear for themselves. ii. Cyrus casts spell to read his mind, discovers Myrdon was sent to take control of Barrow Hill as a jumping point for invasion by Dark Brethren/Lazarus. iii. Myrdon’s got a severe Elfbane addiction. iv. Thalia attempts to pass herself off as a captured thief and get him to answer questions. He tries to get her to untie him. Neither ploy works.
  • Carnies show up in town with Ian McBride and The Walking Crows (Dobson brothers, Ivy Nighthawk the Wild Elf).
  • Fiona talks with Digger the Dwarf over ale and coffee. i. D’Falco and Darren’s trustworthiness

ii. The fate of Amberglenn – Goblin’s Hole, Kaladan Dam siege, floodgate problem and large shipments in the South.

iii. Where did D’Falco and Digger come from? Portals to other dimensions discussed for 1st time.

iv. The Dark Bow given a name and backstory: Valerissa Lossheim, who turns out to be my ancestor. Dad never mentioned the name Lossheim before…

  • Humans from Valencourt start to die in horrible ways, Moreth researches disease. Half-Elves still refuse to leave as the illness is slower with them.
  • 3 dark figures appear on a hill (Vaughn, DeMorde and Valerissa) to give us an ultimatum as they attack the town with werewolves and undead: Leave in 3 days or die. i. Thalia manages to tag one of them with a silver arrow. ii. Cyrus and Digger think they’re trying to get a hold of the Portal that they’ve been guarding by staying here.
  • William DeMorde met for 1st time as we meet under “truce.” I bring Digger as my champion, and he brings Valerissa. Digger seems to know DeMorde already, so Fiona takes time to talk to Valerissa and beg her to return to her family.
  • Valerissa leaves DeMorde and rides to Inn, Fiona follows and yells at Thalia to shoot him as he tries to stop her.
  • Fiona sleeps in Mieklikki temple and dream reveals the location of the Dark Bow in the arms of a statue of the goddess. Fiona obtains the Dark Bow.
21. We agree to search Barrows one last time before we agree to keep heading to Lakeside by caravanning with the carnies.
  • Thalia steals wagon from town, kills thug who tries to take her down.
  • Some of the carnies stay, Cyrus stays, Bahb and Tobin stay. Digger and Federation agent with captured Myrdon comes with us. We head to Knight’s Cross hopefully before nightfall.
  • Cyrus gives Fiona his spellbook and a letter of recommendation for her to give to Lomar, an experienced mage supposed to show up for the Faire in Lakeside.
22. Knight’s Cross
  • Legends of the Knights of the Blade and their fall with a rival vampire to Vaughn.
  • Valerissa tells us her story on why she was a thrall of Vaughn.
  • Fiona’s true family name (Lossheim) learned from Valerissa – she’s my aunt (dad’s sister). So why did Dad change it?
  • Town abandoned. Moreth searches Healer’s Hut and discovers journal telling of a stranger who came and planted paranoia in town about what was happening at Barrow Hill. When the survivors came and people started getting sick, they killed the survivors and stacked the bodies in the Mielikki Temple.
  • Fiona and Darren give them last rights and burn the bodies. He reveals that his parents died at Barrow Hill by Goblin raiders.
  • Thalia finds hidden letter from Fiona’s father that tells her where he’s going (Oldstone Keep), and that he’ll meet her during the Harvest Faire in Lakeside. (“Redhawk”)
23. We find overturned wagon with dead badguy, tainted beer and broken vials of dark liquid.
  • Moorcat tracks found everywhere. Fiona and company follow tracks to series of caves. We find lone adult moorcat who tells us how the rest got sick and died, except for a litter of cubs. We agree to take the cubs in and care for them while he goes north to find Redhawk (Alfric).
24. Miller’s Cove
  • No knowledge of plague. No deliveries from dwarves or surrounding towns either.
  • U spreads rumor of “Bad Beer” and recommends Blackbird Beer instead to keep people from drinking it and getting sick.
  • We agree that Harvest Faire in Lakeside is a likely target for the tainted beer and head there to try and stop it.
  • U develops idea of Elfwine potions to sell in a Magical Medicine Show at the Faire as a way to make a profit, spread the word, and get the Twins involved. He also gets the help of the Dobsons and Ivy Nighthawk becomes his business partner.
  • Unbeknownst to us, she sneaks of to Westwood to steal special mushrooms from the Wild Elves as his secret ingredient.
26. We spend night camping with the carnies.
  • Fiona has ‘words’ with the Dark Bow to settle who’s in charge once and for all.
  • Fiona meets Thomas the Bard who turns out to be gay. He knows about loneliness (humans have short lives), however, so he and Fiona are able to share their pain as she sleeps off the alcohol in his wagon. She tells him of the songs of her people as well as the origin of Amberglenn to help him out and ease her pain.
  • Fiona and Bregir watch Ivy and Darren put on a sword exhibition, so they show off their skills as well.
  • Fiona visits Mira D’Falco of the Blackbird Inn, dumps the news on her lap.
  • Carnie Town is set up.
  • We prepare the cubs for city life so they don’t get into trouble. Fiona takes one as an Animal Companion (Feyd), Thalia takes one as a friend (Kita), Bregir takes one that likes Valerissa a lot.
  • Fiona volunteers to work with Captain Kirin and the ranger patrols so they can use DB clothing to give moorcats and hunting dogs the scent.
  • Federation guy and Myrdon go their way as a trial is prepared.
  • We commune with group of Moorcats so they can contact their father, and through him we manage to pass message to Alfric that his son and daughter are alive. We see him watching Goblins raid Oldstone Keep.
  • Fiona goes to Mielikki Temple, gives them locked box and reliquary.
  • They investigate it, ask about Doom Mace. When Fiona tells them U has it, they are worried and mention a prophecy.
  • She prays at the temple and is given a vision by the Goddess of her mother in chains being held captive underground.
  • Swears blood oath that she will find her and won’t stop till she removes the Dark Brethren from this plane of existence.
  • Tells Bregir about her vision of Mom, but not of the Oath.
  • Ice Elves observed in town for 1st time.
  • Valerissa is taken to the Enclave of Marian for healing and is guarded by Lady Leesa, half-orc female Knight of the Lady.
  • Suspicious wagon comes into town, Fiona runs after it to stop them after telling Mira. She confronts the driver while Thalia sneaks aboard it to find empty coffins inside.
  • We discover they were headed to a warehouse in Dockside.
  • Fiona meets Orrin Taal the Ice Elf Knight of the Lady, asks him to help them ‘sneak around’ and investigate the warehouse.
  • Coffins w/ dirt found. Moreth treats with holy water.
  • Ledgers reveal a Mr.White (Chalky) owns the warehouse. Thalia and Ivy know him * * Fiona meets the Ice Elves and takes Orrin Taal out for a picnic the next morning as she also keeps on eye out for Lomar the magician, who she’s supposed to train with in Lakeside.
  • He arrives with his assistant, Chrysthalis and sets up in town.
  • Fiona has a dinner date with Orrin, as she appreciates his help and finds him fascinating.
  • He brings flowers, and reveals his backstory (Vision?) and family background.
  • They discuss diplomacy and racial strife in the area.
  • She shows him her scar from her blood oath.
  • Orrin heals it for her as well as touches her heart (warmth/ache).
  • He’s sub sequentially distracted from his duties after that.
  • Thomas the Bard is happy as he has a friend arriving in town. He’s still working on the Amberglenn song.
  • Two strange ships arrive at the docks.
  • Dobsons and others investigate, crew on board killed. Orrin shows up to help Fiona again as they watch the boats.
  • One boat piloted by Brain in a Jar and a strange “Soul Battery” is found with sparkly vials. They are given to the Enclave for testing.
  • The boat is trapped and rigged to explode along with other boat with loads of flammable cargo in it.
  • Boats are impounded.
  • Ivy buys one of them and then disappears.
  • Vampire in a Jar is found on boat. U casts Dispel Magic and frees it. We take jar back to Enclave so it can’t get back in it, and all wait around to see if it cracks when dawn comes.
  • Fiona talks with Errin Taal about Errin’s tragic background as she feels they may have something in common, and decides to try and help her find her missing people.
  • She also asks her permission to court Orrin.
  • Orrin seems to have disappeared, however.
  • Lomar reveals that he hasn’t seen boats like that since he last was in the Southlands of Wyrmwood.
  • Suspicious man recognized by Thalia in crowd, they capture him (or did he get away?) while Fiona follows (but loses) him into another warehouse that she puts an Arcane Mark on so they can investigate later. She also finds a beggar outside the warehouse who seems to be more than he appears. She tells Thalia, who figures out that’s John D’Falco in disguise.
  • They ask Lomar to scry on Ivy, and she is seen at the Flogged Dog near the Docks, being followed by a suspicious man.
  • Thalia investigates the Docks and finds sick kids and stories of missing people. She takes them to Moreth, who sets up a clinic in Dockside.
  • D’Falco Family Fun @ Enclave, Ivy drops the “Daddy” bomb. Fiona laughs and thanks the Gods she’s not related to any of them.
  • U continues to make plans for his show, buys supplies and brews potions. He distributes a few on the street to get the word out.
  • Fiona and Thalia go to the Flogged Dog with their moorcats and finds suspicious men who smell like rats. She follows them into the alley and sees them talk to someone who she decides to follow back to the warehouse.
  • Thalia finds John D’Falco (and they have sex on the roof)
  • Gnome delegation arrives in strange metal submarine at Dockside.
  • Strange outhouse found parked next to regular ones.
  • Thalia reveals that Darren is missing too, and Fiona suggests they go to Lomar and ask him to scry on him.
  • They do so, and he is revealed to be chasing someone through the Locks.
  • We investigate the Locks, kill some thugs there, and find that they were secretly bought by Chalky and sabotaged.

39. Lomar also scrys on Orrin and is blocked by someone… but not before detecting a dark spot under the Lighthouse.

40. Thalia encounters group of Wild Elves who are looking for Ivy, convinces them to come with us to investigate the Lighthouse.

41. Dad arrives finally, with a very sick king and his entourage.
  • Northlands lost
  • Twins and Bregir on secret scouting mission in Northlands!
  • Discuss “Disturbance Event” and how D’Falco got here.
  • DeMorde’s relationship with Digger, Mira, John and himself?
  • Our family psychic abilties? I look/act like Grandma?
  • Dad still has feelings for Mira, and visa versa. He abandoned his duties because of his love for Mira, and had to change his name.
  • Fiona gets angry at D’Falco for abusing his relationship with Mira and flaunting other women in front of her but is prevented from confronting him.
  • She breaks down in Mira’s arms and they go off to talk about D’Falco’s Women and DeMorde’s history with her.
42. Dad reunites with Valerissa, knowledge that she had a child while with DeMorde is revealed. Vivian DeMorde, a powerful arcane/divine/psionic manipulator that is being trained to open/use Portals?
  • Can we reach her psionically and let her know she’s got family other than DeMorde?

43. D’Falco reveals Blackbird HQ, the garden monolith that inscribes dead Blackbirds, and the fact that the royals (Valan, Queen of Celebor, Miranda from Freeport/Marian) from the Pass are alive and well. Valan’s gay, but they used elfwine so that the Queen of Celebor could get pregnant with child.

44. Fiona talks with Valan about the fate of her father after his betrayal of his duty for the love of Mira. She swears fealty to him for a way to make things up, and because Valan has plans on restoring Valerissa to her former Hellsinger glory.
  • Possibility of psionic testing?
  • Valan assigns her under D’Falco’s command, gives her leave to investigate the Lighthouse for her friends, as we think Orrin, Darren and Ivy are all there being held by Chalky.

45. We look for blueprints of the Lighthouse, find that the ones for the Locks, the Enclave, and the Keep are missing too.

46. Lighthouse
  • Traps, strange psionic lights (caused dark spot?), teleporting rooms
  • Fought Chalky, but he got away
  • Found Darren who was in bad condition, Ivy hooked on Elfbane, and Orrin beaten but not as bad as the other two.
  • Tunnel leading outside of town found from Lighthouse (?)
  • Thalia finds Chalky’s Journal
  • Items from Amberglenn found there too! (or was that the Locks?)
  • Wild Elves find ordinance on top of the roof and shoot it into the sky. Fortunately no damage was done and everyone thought it was a show for the Faire.
  • Everyone taken to Enclave for healing and detox.
47. Discussion with John D’Falco
  • Portals, Lazarus, Outhouse Pilots, DeMorde and saving Vivian from him.
  • Return mission to Barrow Hill?
  • What about the Dwarven siege at Kaladan Dam?

48. Myrdon trial soon, we’ll be required to testify so don’t leave town.

49. Breakfast with the Taals.

  • Errin reveals Fiona’s intentions of courting Orrin to him.
  • Orrin accepts, Erryn gives her permission, reveals that Queen Isa is coming to town if we want to ask her permission too.
  • Fiona asks Orrin to go on a hike with her to ‘look for bears’ in the area to make Orrin feel more at home.
50. Looking for Bears with Orrin Taal
  • Fiona decides to share “Mind Speak” with Orrin so that they can get to know each other better and kisses him for the 1st time…
  • They find bear tracks and Orrin wrestles a bear for fun that turns out to be a Were-Bear.
  • We are taken to their camp where we meet Major Ursa who was asked to bring her forces here for help by D’Falco. We take a message from her to D’Falco when we return to town.
51. Captain Celeste arrives with her boat.
  • Crystal D’Falco and Dudley Smallrog (illusionist)
  • Rose D’Falco (healer and daughter of Miranda) and Tamara (Ivy’s Mom)
  • Celeste was captain involved in helping Errin Taal from slavers as a child.
  • Fiona leaves a message for her so they can talk about the event and any leads she might have.

52. Gnomes asked to fix the Locks and the Lighthouse after we reclaim them.

53. We investigate warehouse with the Arcane Mark on it from before. We kill a few thugs and go deeper down to find an old temple dedicated to Chaos, as well as Shadows and three casks filled with strange liquids.

  • U found his way down there first and stole book dedicated to Chaos from the temple.
  • Casks analyzed to contain potions tainted with different Were-Animals: Wolfs, Rats and Pigs.
  • Fiona finds strange Egg.
  • 3rd level still uninvestigated.

54. We organize clearing out what’s left of the were-rats in town. Celestial Ferrets?

55. Wild Elves find more strange boats across the harbor.

56. Fiona asks Dudley what the Egg is – Philosopher’s Egg that can bring thoughts to life?

  • Talks to Crystal about her mother Queen Isa and her life there, being a daughter of D’Falco, and the Ice Elf culture. Apparently she has no desire to be queen, and would love if she could figure out how Errin Taal could take over instead as she feels she’s better suited.

57. U discovers that Eris herself is coming to the Faire.

58. Valerissa is restored, and family gathers with Valan to try and contact Vivian. We manage brief contact before interfered with by DeMorde.

59. Fiona walks in on discussion at enclave and finds out that John D’Falco has another son.
  • Later pieced together to be DeMorde, from a relationship with queen from another world through the portal.
  • DeMorde backstory and how he turned from a hero to a Blackguard who is fulfilling his plan for vengeance through Vivian and the other D’Falco children.
60. Fiona talks with D’Falco about the Taals.
  • He knew their grandfathter?
  • Gifted chaos magnets?
  • ‘Special’ warriors?
  • Pureblood elves of old?
61. DeMorde Discussion with D’Falco
  • He was a Knight of the Blade
  • How he betrayed the Knights for the rival vampire and was courted by Vaughn to change sides.
62. Asked Tamara about what she knew of Ice Elves being wanted specifically by the Ogre Empire and Wyrmwood.
  • Theory that Ice Elves could be corrupted into Wyrm Riders. 63. Rumors abound of a Unicorn being seen in the woods around Lakeside.

64. Digger asks U about the Elfwine Potion, drinks a bunch with him and has sex with the Twins that puts him in a coma. He’s taken to the Enclave.

  • Ivy tells their Dad, Twins sent on secret mission and Bregir went with them.
65. Harvest Faire Begins
  • Need to protect Free Beer from getting tainted
  • Valerissa reveals that badguys plans are being interfered with too much, there will be a big surprise at the end of the week – Prince’s Ball?
  • Fiona and Thalia compete in martial arts competitions
  • Attempt on king’s life made during opening speech of Faire, Prime Minister suspected as he’s the only other survivor of Oldstone Keep.
  • King knew that already? Trying to lure him out?
  • Thalia distracts him with dancing, he likes Wild Elves a lot. Captures another suspicious thief in crowd and takes to Blackbirds for questioning.
  • Fiona follows people with crossbows in the trees, takes one down that ends up being a kid. She takes him to the Enclave to be treated and reprimanded for being stupid.
  • The other one followed by her Familiar to Dockside. 66. Digger eventually wakes up and starts writing formulas on the wall.

67. Fiona introduces Dudley Smallrog to Digger and corrects one of his formulas. Wants to know where the golden ball Thalia has is. Turns out it summoned the Outhouse Pilots when she activated it by accident.

68. U has holy symbol stolen by Halflings, follows them and discovers they are fellow Eris worshippers preparing for her arrival.

69. Wild Elves go home to collect others who will descend upon the Faire in a moon-induced sexual rampage (rutting season) fueled by Elfwine thanks to U.

70. Queen Isa arrives along with a group of Polar Bears.

71. We detect through their moorcats that the Twins and Bregir are in trouble in the north. We form a rescue party to find them with D’Falco.
  • Lots of werewolves, a note found that said “Sucker!” on John’s horse.

72. We investigate ruins outside of town (used to be dedicated to Mielikki) that could be taken over by DB. We find a poisoned tree, various zombies, a mysterious portal that was locked away with spells, and a Instruction Manual for it.

73. Dobsons found weird box on impounded ships, ask our help in opening it since it seems to be magical.

  • Fire Wraiths inside that start attacking fuel tanks.
  • Thalia cuts ropes to dock while Fiona pushes one overboard and tries to stop them attacking the tanks because it might blow.
  • U turns it purple and makes grass grow on it before miniaturizing himself and escaping on a Moorcat.
  • Ship does blow up, we each are saved by our Goddesses and given visions.
  • Thalia with Marian and Ivy in the darkness
  • Mielikki tells Fiona where her mother is: 50 miles below the Amberglenn Tree.

74. Thalia discovers she’s a long lost Wild Elf princess and tells Fiona. She and Tamara look awfully similar…

75. Discord comes to town with U at her side.
  • Fiona tells her where she can stick it when she looks at Orrin.
  • Discord spread around town during Faire
  • Fiona and Orrin get permission to court from Queen Isa.
  • Queen Isa tells Discord what she thinks of her
  • Fiona stops Discord from getting near the royals during Thalia’s sword show with Ivy.

76. Prime Minister still free as King is trying to get all the info he can from him.

77. Valan and Selana are mingling in town in disguises.

78. Fiona tells John about the boat and her vision… he shows her the Psionics Lab where they are inventing new suits for Thalia, psionic weapons, and a teleporter to get to her mother.

79. More Competitions:
  • Fiona wins Archery
  • Fiona wins Animal Handling and Hunting
  • Fiona and Thalia tie in the Light Weapons Melee
80. Winstop Thugs
  • Fiona follows strange tracks into woods after Hunting competition, finds thugs from Winstop looking for her. She pins down the illusionist and Feyd kills the others.
  • They question him and find out slavers from Winstop hired them to find her, Crystal and Rose, and then to bring them to blonde evil looking guy (DeMorde?) @ Knight’s Cross before the next full moon.
  • Fiona tells John and discusses potential to set a trap for DeMorde.

81. We all go dress shopping.

82. Discord stirs up more trouble with U.

a. He kills some potential suitors in a bar, causes panic in various places.

83. Myrdon Trial
  • We all testify to what we know, decide that Myrdon should be interrogated to the fullest extend before his sentence is carried out.
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