The Crack Region

The Crack Regions

Named for the continental rift that bisects the western half of the Northern Continent. Running from the Western Sea eastward to the Dragonspire Mountains, the Crack is a series of fault lines and subduction zones where the lower portion of the continent is sinking below the upper portion. This same tectonic motion is the origin of the Dragonspires.

The Crack rises an average of 4000 feet above the lands surrounding the Crystal Sea, forming a barrier to both weather systems and to travel to the Vilarian Highlands. The actual rift valley drops as much as 1000 feet below seal level at points, but also has places where the valley is choked by rubble from landslides and other geologic activity. The rapid altitude shift causes an area of high rainfall and frequent storms along the rift, and contributes to the formation of temperate rainforests and rich croplands in the lands south along most of it’s length.

The Crack is rich in ores and mineral wealth. The geologic forces that help create the rift also has brought veins of precious metals and gemstones to the surface, where the more enterprising form mining communities and labor to extract these treasures for craft and trade.

Due to the nature of the rift valley, the Crack opens fissures into the subterranean realms of the Underdark. Many of these fissures have become portals into the various Goblinkin and Trollkin kingdoms, where they venture forth to raid the kingdoms along the Crack. Many of the major caverns have been found and secured, but new fissures are constantly being formed by geologic activity as well as active intent.

Only a few strategic passes connect the North to the South along the entire length of the Crack, notably Kaladan’s Dam in Brendanmoor and the Giant’s Staircase in east Kingswood.

The Crack Region

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