The Elven Realms

Elven Realms

Celebor – Forested realm in the Northeast region of the Northern Contiinent, east of Vilaris and the Blue Fells, and spans from the Dragonspire Mountains eastward to the Broken Coast, and from Northwood south to the northern borders of Lyn and Mystwold. Populated mainly by high elves in the urban centers, and wood elves in the rural regions. Largest of the elven forest realms, both physically and in population. The cities are cultural wonders and home to many centers of learning and lore. Goverment is a matriarchial monarchy, with an elected Council of Elders who act as advisors to the Queen. Lead host nation for the Elven Federation, with the Federation Council meeting at the capitol, Gilestel. Celebor is rich in resources and craftsfolk, and has an active trade with the other Federation member-states.

Mystwold – Mountain forest realm of mostly rugged terrain, located south of Celebor, east of Lyn, and stretches eastward from the Dragonspire Mountains to the Broken Coast, and south from Celebor to the Carassys Sea. Mystwold is physically the 4th largest elven realm, but ranks 2nd in population after Celebor. Mystwold is a predominately grey elf realm, and has many fortress-cities scattered in the Dragonspires and along the coast. These havens usually are hosts for learning centers where the grey elves (and other elves) go to gain knowledge, wisdom and lore. The goverment is a monarchy. Mystwold is a temperate rainforest, due to frontal systems and sea currents interacting with the mountains and coastline, and is sub-tropical in the most southern reaches. Mystwold is self-sufficient for it’s basic needs, but carries out active trade for goods and services desired by the populace. Member state of the Elven Federation.

Westwood – Forested realm located south of Brendanmoor, west of Kingswood, and spanning from the Crystal Sea eastward to the Kingswood border, and from Durhan’s Downs south to the Ogrefens and the Great Dismal Swamp. Populated mainly by wild elves, with some wood elves near Kingswood. The goverment of Westwood consists of several clan-chiefs who oftentimes will quarrel with themselves on state issues (such as hunting rights), but will unify without question against any and all outside intrusions. Due to the extreme anti-social behaviour of the wild elves, Westwood is a closed kingdom; the borders are patrolled by rangers from Kingswood and Brendanmoor, to keep the wild elves in, and everybody else out.

Kingswood – Forested realm that is located about mid-latitudes roughly centered on the Northern Continent. It stretches east from Brendanmoor and Westwood to the Dragonspires, and stretches south from the Crack to the nothern border of the Ogrefens and the Great Dismal Swamp. Physically, it is the third largest of the forested elven kingdoms, (Celebor and Wyrdwood being first and second, respectfully), and is almost half as large as Vilaria. Population wise, it ranks 4th in the elven kingdoms, with the notable exception of being almost completely half-elves of mixed human lineage. This difference has sometimes caused periods of strained relationships between the peoples of Kingswood and the rest of the elven nations. In spite of this, Kingswood rangers are considered to be some of the best in the world, regardless of bloodlines. Kingswood is considered to be a monarchy, but the goverment has been decentralized, and most administrative duties are performed by local chapterhouses of the Order of Mieliki. Member state of the Elven Federation, although not completely welcomed due to the half-elf majority.

Lyn – Elven realm located in the Dragonspire mountains, east of Kingswood, south of Celebor and west of Mystwold. Lyn is an alpine basin, with a temperate plain of fertile soil running up to the foothills, dotted with meadows and forests. Although physically the smallest of the elven realms, Lyn has the 3rd largest population, mostly centered at the capitol of the same name, and hosts a mixture of wood, grey and high elves for a populace, essentially a melting pot of elven culture. Lyn is a major trade center, being on the east end of the Dragonspire Tunnels and the Three Kings Roadway, and uses trade services as it’s economy. Goverment is a monarchy with an elected council. Member state of the Elven Federation.

Freeport – Fortified city-state located in the Gilaros Islands in the Carassys Sea, midway between the Northern Continent and the Southern Kingdoms. Major seaport between the north and south, with excellent harborage and a well supported infrastructure. Freeport uses supply trading, tarrifs and harbor fees to drive it’s economy, as well as the “entertainment districts” of state-owned brothels and casinos. City goverment is an elected council. Population is a mixture of elves, humans and other races, most of which are former slaves from the Southern Kingdoms. Although neutral in most world affairs (except on the issue of slave trade), nations who actively interfere with Freeport, it’s citizens, or it’s allies, become targets for state-sponsored piracy and tarrif collections. Member state of the Elven Federation.

The Isles of the Broken Coast – A group of nine island nation-states located along the eastern coast of the Northern Continent, stretching from the northern border of Celebor to the southern tip of Mystwold. Home to the Ishin, a sea-going high/grey elf culture with a highly developed sense of identitiy, but a secretive nature about their own lore. The Ishin promote contact with other peoples, but minimize open involvement in the affairs of others. The Ishin fleets ensure the security of the islands. Although totally self-sufficient, the Ishin willingly trade with other cultures for samples of their crafts, and usually pay in gold. Ruled by a Council of Nine, one for each island.

Sea Reach – Island city-state located off of the southern coast of Mystwold. Populated by a mixture of high, grey and other elves with some other races. Major sea port and trade center. Home port for the Elven Federation combined fleet of warships, who patrol the waters between the Mystwold coast and the Southern Continent. City goverment is an elected council. Member state of the Elven Federation.

Wyrdwood- Vast temperate rainforest realm located south of the Crack, west of Brendanmoor, streching westward to the North Sea coast, south of Northbay and Pharris, and stretches southward to the Khulie River and the western shore of the Crystal Sea. Second physically largest elven realm in the northern continent. Considered to be haunted and cursed in ancient times, and that this has an effect on the disposition of the population. Populated mostly by wild elves and wood elves, some of which have gone feral. There are also enclaves of grey elves near the Crack border regions, mostly to keep the goblins at bay, but they, too, have a distrustful and isolated nature about them. Goverment is decentralized; local chiefs, clan-leaders or warlords hold sections of the forest, sometimes fighting amongst themselves over territory. Leaders with enough personality and skill/luck sometimes can unite a majority of these factions to a common cause. Wyrdwood has strained relationships with it’s neighbors, and there are oftentimes skirmishes between border patrols. Distinctly not a member state of the Elven Federation.

Borealus (Northwood) – Forested realm in the northern reaches of the Northern Continent, east of Vilaris, north of the Blue Fells and Celebor and reaches northward to the polar tundra and eastward to the Broken Coast. Populated mostly by wood, grey and wild elves, many of which live in various enclave strongholds scattered thruout the realm. Goverment is a council of enclave representatives. Borealus is an isolated kingdom due to it’s location, and has policies of non-involvement in outside affairs. Nevertheless, Borealus is a member state of the Elven Federation, but usually will abstain in all matters not affecting their realm.

Wyrmwood – Tropical forest region on the northern tip of the Southern Continent, reaching from the Carassys Sea south to the Wyrmrim Mountains and the Haunted Wastes of Tek. Populated by a race of elves known as Wyrm Lords (also called dragon orcs; see “Bad Guys” – ed.), who have intensly strong ties to the various Wyrmkin species that exist in the region. They are particularly fond of a type of fire-breathing wyvern native to the Haunted Wastes that they have domesticated for mounts used in travel and warfare. Goverment is a tyrrany, where the leader is chosen from a pool of candidates by the “Rites of the Wyrm” usually involving mortal combat and other ordeals to prove worthy of the role. Wyrmwood usually dominates and intimidates neighboring lands into trade alliances under threat of reprisals and invasions, and has had a long history of conquest. Wyrmwood is believed to be active in the slave trade between the Northlands and the Southern Kingdoms. The conflicts known as the Wyrm Wars were fought against Wyrmwood. The Elven Federation was formed to combat any future agression from Wyrmwood.

The Elven Realms

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