The Order of Mielikki

Name: Order of Mielikki (Sisters of Meliki)

Patron/Diety: Mielikki (per D&DG 1st ed – Finnish mythos + tweaks)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Primary focus: the health and well-being of woodlands and woodland creratures, including healing and defense.

Area of influence: Kingswood and vicinity, particulary Kingswood, Westwood and Brendanmoor.

The Order consists of several semi-independent chapterhouses scattered thruout Kingswood and vicinity, with the main chapterhouse at Dol Emerol. Some chapterhouses are “mobile” i.e. they adopt the semi-nomadic lifestyle of some of the elven clans within the woodland realms. All chapterhouses have at least one lead senior cleric, with other clerics administering to tthe needs of the chapterhouse. These senior clerics also act as agents to the King, and assist in the governing of their areas of influence. (Although Kingswood has a king, the realm has an ineffective central goverment. Instead, the chapterhouses tend to directly administer the areas where they are located, with the blessings of the King.)

The primary functions of a chapterhouse is to tend to the populace, treat to the ill and wounded, administer the King’s Will, and to provide training for the rangers, clerics and mages of the community they serve, including advanced training in some locations.The chapterhouses also provide support for various village needs, including supplies, defense and general muster. The Order also teaches the community’s children, which accounts for the high literacy rate of the Kingswood populace.

The chapterhouses are not specifically centers of worship, although there is usually a sanctuary available at each chapterhouse. Most worship of Mielikki occurs in groves and forest temple sights, not all of which are necessarily known about, since the populace has a nomadic portion, and some things get lost and forgotten.

Most clerics at chapterhouses tend to be female (thus the “Sisters” reference); male clerics tend to be in the field with the ranger patrols of the community, and typically are rangers as well.

The militant branch of the Order is the Kingswood Rangers. (See “Kingswood Rangers Association ” for further details).

The Order is generally friendly with other Orders, and welcomes all, regardless of elven, human, or half-elven lineage, who wish to serve the Mistress of the Forest.

It is said that Mielikki dwells in the Deep Woods region of Kingswood, and that she sometimes ventures out to overview the realm and protect it from harm.

The Order of Mielikki

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