The Wyrm Wars

The Wyrm Wars

A brief overview of the Wyrm Wars between the Elven Alliance and Wyrmwood

The Wyrm Wars were a series of conflicts between the elves and allied races against the domination of the Wyrm Lords, dark elves who sought world conquest and brutally imposed their world order on all they controlled. They were servants of the Great Wyrmkin, and were given wyvern and firedrakes by their masters. Ruthless, haughty and cruel, these elves were mighty, but were touched by Shadow.

The First Wyrm War was fought mainly between Wyrmwood and the combined forces of Mystwold and Celebor over the expansionist policies of Wyrmwood. It ended in a stalemate.

The Second Wyrm War involved the Elven Alliance of Celebor, Mystwold, Kingswood, and Lyn against the invasion forces of Wyrmwood and the wyrm riders. Wyrmwood was repulsed, but at great costs to the Alliance.

The Third Wyrm War started as a pre-emptive strike by the Alliance, which had now grown with the addition of the Sea Elves, the Dwarves and the Horseclans. Information became known that the Wyrm Lords were building up for an offensive, and had began working in forbidden magics and lost lore in order to create superior weapons and servants to their cause. In an all-out effort, the Alliance invaded Wyrmwood.

What was to be a short sortee became a century-long war in the northern jungles of Wyrmwood. Thousands of Wyrmwood allies and servants battled the Alliance forces day and night, and the Wyrm Riders attacked from the sky with their firedrakes. Elf, dwarf and man alike showed great courage in the face of the fearsome foe and overwhelming odds.

After a long struggle, the Alliance managed to drive the Wyrm Lords into the Haunted Wastes beyond the Wyrmrim Mountains. The costs were great, espically amongst the Allies, and the events of the Battle of Rivenrock, where the Allies pulled a miraculous victory from the jaws of defeat, could have been quite different, if not for a timely disruption of the Wyrm Lords command structure, which resulted in a rout of the Wyrmwood forces.

In the aftermath of the war, the Alliance was disbanded. The dwarves, who took heavy losses for little gain, withdrew their support and retuned to their kingdoms under stone. The Horseclans, their oath of aid fulfilled, sacked what they could and returned to the Northlands.

The elven nations who were in agreement that some form of defense should be maintained, formed the Elven Federation, in the event the Wyrmwood was to once again become hostile. For 300 years, the Federation has readied and stood watch for any sign of the Wyrm Lords returning.

The Wyrm Wars

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